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14 Fun & Memorable Baby Shower Games


Games to Make Your Baby Shower Fun and Memorable

Expecting a baby can be an extremely exciting time, and equally as stressful. Holding a baby shower is a great way to not only celebrate the arrival of a new child coming into the world, but also a great way to relieve stress and take your mind off of things, if only for a little while, and have fun with close friends and family. Having a ton of fun and exciting baby shower games and activities lined up can turn your baby shower into a fun and memorable experience for all of your guests. When planning your baby shower, have an idea of how many games you’d like to play and pick up an appropriate number of gifts and prizes to give out to the winners.

Before holding the baby shower, there are some items you’ll want to pick up to prepare for these baby shower games:

    • Pens and Paper
    • Safety Pins
    • Blue and Pink Ribbon
    • Baby Supplies (Diapers, Pacifiers, Etc)
    • Disposable Cameras
    • Baby Food
    • Balloons
    • Baby Dolls
    • Chocolate

Adding a little motivation for competition to your baby shower games will only make them more fun and engaging to your guests. Here are some suggestions for baby shower games your guests will be sure to enjoy.

Don’t Remind Me

Before your guests arrive, pick a word or phrase related to parenthood (such as mommy, baby, etc, be sure it’s something that might come up naturally in conversation). As your guests arrive, pin a safety pin with a blue or pink ribbon on their shirt, and tell them the word of your choice is taboo. If anyone says the taboo word, they’re out and must forfeit their pin. The last guest with a pin by the end of the night is the winner. The great part about this baby shower game is it lasts the whole night.

Baby Match

This one requires a little bit of forethought. When sending out invitations, request that your guests bring a baby photo of themselves. This game can be a great ice breaker if you have different social circles who are meeting for the first time, so its best to do it early in the night. Place the photos on a table or tape them to a wall and number them. Give your guests a blank ‘answer sheet’ with the names of each guest, and have them try match the picture to the guest. The highest scoring guest can win a prize.

Baby Stories

Another great ice breaker is to have each of your guests share an embarrassing baby story from their childhood with the group. While there’s no ‘winner’, it’s sure to get a good laugh out of all of your guests and get everyone talking.

I Got You Babe

If your guests are music buffs, or even if you just want a frantic team activity, break your guests up into teams. Give them 3-5 minutes to list as many songs with baby, babe, etc. in the title. The group with the most songs listed wins. Alternatively, you can play small clips of songs with those words in the title or verses of the song, and guests have to guess the song.

Baby Shower Charades/Pictionary

Have a list of terms related to babies or parenthood prepared and have your guests break up into two teams. Have your guests try to act out or draw out the phrase while their teammates try to guess the answer. This is one of those baby shower games that is sure to have your guests howling with laughter.

Kodak Moment

Pick up a disposable camera for each guest to take pictures with at your party, having them leave the camera in a basket on their way out at the end of the night. This will give you plenty of photos to remember the occasion by, and will make them all a complete surprise!

Diaper Raffle

Considering how expensive diapers can be, this is one of the baby shower games that not only offers a chance for each guest to win a nice prize, but will make sure the mom-to-be will have more diapers than she knows what to do with. Tell each guest that they can win a fabulous mystery prize at the shower which will be raffled off at the end of the night, but in order to get a ticket, they have to buy a package of diapers. The more packages they bring, the more tickets they get.

Mommy Trivia

While most of your guests might not exactly know each other, they should hopefully all know a lot about the mother-to-be, in theory. This game will put that theory to the test and see who really knows what’s what when it comes to the star of the party. Give each guest a sheet of paper with various questions about the mom-to-be, ranging from basic questions that are common knowledge to really obscure questions. Whichever guest has the most correct answers can win a prize. This is one of the baby shower games that will show who really knows mommy best.

Baby Belly Twister

This is definitely one of the more competitive baby shower games, but it is a real test of your guests’ flexibility and balance. Blow up a balloon for each guest to slip under their shirt, then start a game of twister. Not only do the normal rules of twister apply, but if a balloon pops, that person is also out.

The Price is Right: Baby Edition

When presenting gifts to the mom-to-be, do a quick search and get the suggested retail price for the item. Have each guest try to guess the price of each gift. Whoever gets closest on the most items wins a prize.

With all of the neat and clean baby shower games out of the way, its time to tackle some of the messier games. These next games aren’t for everyone, so be sure to know your audience before adding games from the next list.

Poop Inspection

This is probably one of the ‘grossest’ baby shower games on the list, but it can be a lot of fun, especially if there are a lot of chocolate lovers among your guests. Take a variety of chocolate bars and melt them in individual dishes or bowls. Make sure you use chocolate bars with varying consistencies and ingredients (smooth, nutty, chunky, etc). Have the guests try to guess the chocolate bar each ‘poop’ was made with by sight, smell, and taste. Whoever gets the most right can win a prize.

Dirty Diaper Derby

This is one of the baby shower games you can kind of customize based on the crowd. The basic setup is have a few baby dolls with diapers on them lined up on a table. Time your guests as they change the diaper on the dolls. Whoever does it fastest wins a prize. For added gross out factor, you can add some of that melted chocolate to the ‘dirty’ diaper. If you really want to surprise your guests, have them change and clean the doll blindfolded.

Baby Food Critic

Bring out your guests’ inner Gordon Ramsay with this game. Blindfold each guest and spoon feed them a different flavor of baby food. Have them try to correctly guess the flavor of baby food, and whoever gets the most right wins. While fruit flavors are easiest to guess, if you’re feeling especially sadistic, add a few of those infamously terrible flavors, like pureed chicken and gravy, or mac & cheese with vegetables. The cringing faces of your guests alone makes this game worth it!

The Challenge

For this game, find the absolute worst baby food flavors you can find. Do a little research if you have to, but make sure whatever you get is objectively horrible. Buy one of each flavor and set them out on a table. Throughout the night, your guests can call out another guest to ‘take the challenge’, in which they have to eat the baby food flavor of their choosing. If the guest manages to get down the entire container of food, they get some kind of small prize, such as more raffle tickets. Guests who have already ‘taken the challenge’ are exempt from being challenged again, but they’re free to call out their challenger to enact some sweet karma. If you’re looking for flavor suggestions, here are some of the most disgusting baby food flavors to choose from:

  • Mac & Cheese with Vegetables
  • Ham with Ham Gravy
  • Squash
  • Turkey & Gravy
  • Peas


These baby shower games should give you more than enough fun activities to work with when planning memorable activities for your guests. By the end of the night, your guests will be left with great memories, some neat prizes, and maybe even some new friends. The fun and games will also be a great distraction for the mom-to-be, and leave her with plenty of lasting memories and laughs (especially if disgusting baby food is involved).

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