It’s 2:59 in the morning.
You just woke up. For the third time this night. You feel like a zombie – more dead than alive...

And yet, you need to get up because someone’s little life depends on it.

Hi, I'm Kacey! I'm about to show you a scientifically-proven way to help your child enjoy a restful sleep.

This method is designed to work on newborns through children up to 6-years-old. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, this WILL work for you.

In fact, it's the only thing that has worked for my baby and I've tried almost everything to get my little one to fall asleep and STAY asleep.

I will also reveal why some people argue that standard advice, such as Ferberizing or co-sleeping, can cause long-lasting damage to your child’s nervous system; damage that makes him more susceptible to anxiety disorders and even panic attacks later in life.

The information I’m sharing here with you is entirely based on ground-breaking research done by Harvard Medical School and the Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine, along with my over 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist.

But most importantly, I am a mother just like you. And in this presentation, I want to tell you how the fitful sleep of my 3-year-old sweetheart, Luis, led me to a discovery that has already helped more than 17,500+ parents to finally enjoy the restful sleep they have been craving. In fact, this method works so well, it even works on getting teething children to sleep!

This Scientifically-Proven Method Gets Your Baby to Sleep like ​Clockwork!

Now don’t worry.

I’m sure you’ve already tried other sleep training methods, so you already know that many of them are not just ineffective, but downright dangerous! So why would your risk your little one’s health when you can soon enjoy a happier, more-relaxed and easier-to-parent child?

Imagine having a baby (or young child) who looks forward to bed-time just as much as you do!

Fact is, falling asleep is a habit all children can learn, no matter their age. You can even get your child to stay in the crib. I know it’s hard to believe. At one point in my life, I would have been the first to doubt it, but then I had a life-changing experience.

My Own Weird Story
Baby Sleep

You see, when Luis was born, we were on cloud 9. Not only was he the cutest baby we had ever seen, but he was also an amazing sleeper! While all our friends kept complaining about their wakeful nights, we felt we’d won the lottery... twice! But during the 4th month, things started going downhill.

Everything changed. All of a sudden, Luis woke up every two hours and sometimes every single hour! Every single night. And the more tired he was, the faster his wheels were spinning. Much like an over-wound toy until they crash.

At first, we thought it was just a temporary thing and mistakenly thought that we could soon go back to being a happy and well-rested family.

But we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Seemed to Get My

Baby to Sleep​!

My son's sleeping problem continued and we started growing desperate. What made it even worse was my feeling of guilt.

I think every parent can relate to the guilt when their baby won’t sleep… even if your baby falls asleep but won’t stay asleep, it’s still easy to feel guilt. I loved him so much and now he was suffering and I couldn’t help him.

What was I doing wrong? Why were we failing so badly at being good parents? I was a psychologist for crying out loud! Something like this should never happen to me I thought.

I was clearly in over my head. It sounds logical looking back, but it took me months to throw in the towel and look for outside help. We went online to find a solution, but it felt like drinking from a fire-hose.

When I looked up “my baby won’t sleep", all I found was an avalanche of conflicting information that made me feel even more lost.

Yet, we bought the books, the tapes, and even got a $200 “sleep consultation” that gave us advice SO terrible we decided not to even try it.

3 Tips to Make Your Child Sleep:


Tip one: laugh together

No, this isn’t a joke or some weird therapy. Psychologist Dr. Laura Markham calls it the child’s “Emotional Backpack”. Nothing will help them to release the tension faster than a healthy laugh.

Laughter is your most powerful ally against the main reason why your child isn’t sleeping: Tension.  What should you do if your child doesn’t laugh? I'll share the best ways to make your child laugh later in this presentation.


Tip two:
adjust the bedtime

If you think a later bedtime is the answer, you couldn't be more wrong. Sure, it's easy to think that a later bedtime would mean your child is more tired. However, when a child is awake longer than he/she should be, their body gets flushed by stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

These hormones keep your child going like a double espresso right before bedtime, ultimately sabotaging all your attempts at getting him/her to fall asleep. Never let it come so far! The ideal bedtime for your child depends on his age and I’ll tell you all the details in a bit.


tip three:
create a noisy environment

You might be laughing at me for saying that, just like many of my friends did. I understand why it may sound completely counter-intuitive to think a noisy environment is better than a quiet one.

Yet, it’s absolutely true. I know it sounds incredible, but hear me out because I’m not making this up! It’s a scientific fact proven in a little-known study done by the Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London. Now keep in mind this isn’t just any noise Dr. Daniel Moran and his colleagues are talking about here. 

It’s a special noise and once you play it to your little one, he’ll feel safe and protected and fall asleep almost instantly!

Introducing the Simplest Way
to Make ​​​Your
Baby Sleep

Ok, this was a lot of information I’ve shared with you. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, that’s ok. It’s hard to remember it all, especially when you’re tired and with a crying baby in your arms. 

I know how hard it is which is why I’ve spent years creating a solution to make it easy for you. It is the fastest, easiest, scientifically-proven method to solve your baby’s sleeping problems... once and for all!

But before I tell you more about it, I need to make one thing clear: If you are looking for some sort of “magic pill" then this program is NOT for you.  There are some simple steps you’ll need to follow or otherwise it will fail you. The last thing I want is to disappoint you...

It is true that this method works with surprising speed for almost everyone who uses it... But only if you let it!


What You'll
Discover Using the
SleepBaby.org Method:

  1. Why you should never nurse or rock your toddler to sleep... and what to do instead!
  2. The secret of refilling your child’s love tank and keeping him/her off breakdown lane for good.
  3. How to release your child's built-up anxiety in 5 minutes flat.
  4. The 7-steps to put any baby to sleep... even if he/she is cranky, clingy, and everything else failed!
  5. The California Institute of Technology’s surprising trick to boost your child’s secret sleep hormone to doze-off levels (100% drug-free and safe at any age).
    ...and much, much more!

More than just sleep.
You get 3 FREE bonuses! 


Miracle Sounds

You may have heard about sounds designed just for babies. I've received countless success stories about these weird, yet amazingly effective sounds.

You can’t buy them in any shop. Even if you could, they’d likely cost around $100.

But today, as of right now, they are included in our sleep solution!


Night Terror Stopper

The Cleveland Clinic (consistently ranked among the “Best Children’s Hospitals” by U.S. News and World Report) estimates that one of every two children suffer from nightmares so frightening, he/she wakes up screaming!

What’s even worse is this torture can be completely avoided since nightmares are a sign of unresolved fear your child experienced.

In this free bonus, you’ll find simple steps that clear your child’s fears and allow him/her to sleep undisturbed and peacefully!


Double Trouble
Sleeping Struggle

This bonus is entirely dedicated to the sleep of twins and siblings. The twin birth rate in the United States rose 76% from 1980 through 2009! Wow!

Even during that time, there was no real solution for the unique problem of getting two babies to sleep at the same time. 

Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle will give you the answer you crave and provide you with simple tips and tricks you can use today.

 Real Parents,
Real Results!

 Real Parents. Real Results!

"Your information is clear, concise and straight to the point. Even better, it works!"

"I just wanted to say thank you. When I found your website, I was so sleep deprived that I could barely remember my own name! I think I spent at least 7 hours a day rocking little Ava here to sleep.

I felt so lost and alone in my sleep deprivation, I often started crying for no reason. I've tried all kinds of sleep training techniques and strategies without success. I was worried you’d talk about the same old, same old... but boy! I was certainly wrong. Your information is clear, concise and straight to the point. Even better, it works! The proof is right here in my hands. Thank you from all of us.”


Honolulu, Hawaii

"My son Dennis now sleeps from 7pm to 6 or 6:30am every night."

“Thank you for this brilliant method. My son Dennis now sleeps from 7pm to 6 or 6:30am every night with almost no night wakings. And even if he wakes, it's usually just for a second and then he falls back asleep all on his own.

Most nights I get my 8 hours of sleep and it’s just wonderful! I really feel like I understand his little body and mind and can address his sleeping holistically. I can’t thank you enough, Kacey!”"


London, UK

"I just completed your approach and it worked almost too well..."

"I just completed your program and I have to say, your method worked almost too well. Yes, it took a bit of getting used to with your bedtime routine, but the difference is huge! My son George used to take 1 hours to go down and now he's firmly asleep in no more than 10 minutes! You're the best!"


Sydney, Australia

"This made a huge difference in our life and my baby girl sleeps through the night now."

"For everyone who's still thinking about getting Kacey's sleep method, I want to advise you to go ahead. I wasn't sure myself, but now I'm so thankful I invested in this program. It made a huge difference in our life as a family and yes, my baby girl does sleep through the night now."


Ontario, Canada

"My daughter now sleeps through the night and it's because of you..."

"Hi Kacey! My daughter's daycare recommended your system. They said you’re spot on with your explanation of how a baby's sleep changes and that I should follow your advice. They were right!

My daughter now sleeps through the night and it’s only because of your tips. I am also a breastfeeding mom and I can’t thank you enough for encouraging us to work through sleep issues without quitting breastfeeding. I have shared your advice with many of my friends with babies and I will continue to spread the word.”


Warren, Michigan

Try It Today!
No Risk, Sleep Guarantee!

Our sleep method will work for you like it has for thousands of others. This is why a 60-Day Sleep Guarantee is included with every purchaseIf you're unsatisfied, simply contact us within the first 60 days for a prompt 100% refund.

This is a one-time charge for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

Let's Talk One Mother to Another... Just You and I. This Really Works.

I know you are dreading making a mistake and wasting your time and money on something that turns out to be rubbish, but please rest assured.

More than 17,500 parents trust this system. Based on the feedback they’ve provided me, I know it also worked for them... just like it will for you!

What is the 100% Satisfaction Sleep Guarantee?

Here’s what this means: We truly care about you and your child. If you ever feel we didn't deliver on every single promise, just let us know and we will send you a prompt 100% refund. No questions asked.

You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If our award-winning sleep program does not help put your child to sleep quickly, easily, and safely, please let us know and we WILL make it right. That's our promise.

Try It Today!
No Risk, Sleep Guarantee!

Our sleep method will work for you like it has for thousands of others. This is why a 60-Day Sleep Guarantee is included with every purchaseIf you're unsatisfied, simply contact us within the first 60 days for a prompt 100% refund.

This is a one-time charge for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

"Your step-by-step advice is well-researched, nurturing and amazingly effective."

"Your approach has been a GODSEND to our family. Your step-by-step advice is well-researched, nurturing and amazingly effective. 

After using your routine, Jacob was sleeping in 30 minutes We were in complete shock and my husband even asked me what we should do now that we finally have our lives back. I don’t know how I can thank you enough."


Tampa, Florida

"He sleeps up to 9 hours straight. It's truly a miracle. You're the best!"

“Kacey, you really know what you’re talking about with that tension relief. My 14 months old used to wake up 6 to 7 times before midnight. But now that the gets his giggles in, he sleeps up to 9 hours straight. It’s truly a miracle. You’re the best!”


Bristol, England

"I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

“My 5-month old was so clingy and needy, we thought she’d never sleep without us holding and rocking her to sleep. But when we put your sleep sounds on, it was as though someone just flipped a switch. All of a sudden, Tammy was giggling and calming down within minutes. She even fell asleep soon after! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”


Auckland, New Zealand

"Why didn't we try this sooner?"

"Why didn't we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib - and has been since 7:15 pm. We are so pleased to get the evenings to ourselves again, and Tinius - who has always been a very happy boy - is even more happy now!"


Brisbane, Australia

"This has changed all of our lives..."

"I must say, the program is nothing short of a miracle... our little baby was 5 1/2 months when we did it... and it's changed all of our lives. I didn't have much faith to be honest... but it all unfolded as you indicated, much to our delight. Ryder sleeps through the night and naps like a baby! Prior, he was up to nurse 4-5 times a night and had never really slept in his crib during the day to nap... I had to either rock him or nap with him on me... turns out the little guy loves to be in his crib!"


Salt Lake City, Utah

Try It Today!
No Risk, Sleep Guarantee!

Our sleep method will work for you like it has for thousands of others. This is why a 60-Day Sleep Guarantee is included with every purchaseIf you're unsatisfied, simply contact us within the first 60 days for a prompt 100% refund.

This is a one-time payment for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

10 Reasons Why Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping

It can be debilitating when you are exhausted and up again at night to soothe your crying baby, especially when you have a big day ahead. You will start why baby isn’t sleeping and how you can help her to sleep better.

When baby can’t sleep, they are experiencing a struggle similar to the common life-long struggle that many people have when it comes down to bedtime. Many people develop insomnia from certain triggers such as too much caffeine, screen time too close to bedtime, or just excess stress.

Baby has her own set of insomnia triggers that may keep her from a good nights rest. Being aware of why your baby won’t sleep, can’t sleep, or requires constant co-sleeping is the first step to solving those problems.  We have an award-winning sleep program that is highly recommended if you need assistance in getting your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Reasons Why Your Baby Won’t Sleep

1. Over-Stimulated

When the environment is too stimulating, your baby might have trouble calming down. This can make it hard for her to get to sleep when the time comes for bed. She might become hyper-alert, fidgety, or even anxious.

Their growing brain can start to be overwhelmed by all of the new signals it is getting. Each experience and new sensation is another neuron firing. All of these exciting her experience are building strong networks in her brain, which is essential for brain growth.

But babies need a break from all this stimulation in order to process everything. During sleep, the brain has the job of cleaning up all of the construction in the neurons. Memories are processed, experiences are filed away, and the brain cleans itself up from the waste by-products of the energy is used.

Reducing stimulation close to bedtime can help their brain enter a tranquil state. Stimulation comes in the form of sounds, talking, books, toys, turned on televisions or screens or talking faces looking at them.

2. A Lack of Routine

Even if you pacing babies day according to her cues, everyone can still benefit from a regular routine. Instead of trying to put her on a tight schedule, focus on helping her learn to associate certain times of the day with certain activities.

Routine helps to create positive expectations. It helps your body and brain look to cues for what is next. The body can then adjust to these expectations, getting ready for the next activity. This types of stability are so important for babies. And the sense of consistency is beneficial for everyone in the household.

This also marvelously translates into bedtime. As evening approaches, they may start to pick up on the cues. The dimming lights, the quieting of activity, and the change of environment might all help signal their brain that sleep is coming.

3. Overtired or Nap-Deprived

If you have ever had a night where you pushed yourself to stay awake and finally got to bed, but then found that your mind just couldn’t slow down, you’ve experienced what it’ like to be overtired.

Babies get that too. If they push themselves to stay awake when their body starts giving sleepy signals, they’ll likely develop a habit of doing the same thing when it’s time to go to sleep. They’ll wake up more, fuss more, and try to avoid going to sleep. Try to offer her more naps throughout the day and an earlier bedtime.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive, but if your baby isn’t getting in enough naps, it’s more likely they won’t be able to go down for bedtime either. Babies under one year typically need to sleep every 2 hours. A baby the is under six months old only needs to be awake for 1.5 hours before they go down for a nap again.

4. Baby Has A Sore Throat or An Ear Infection

You may know what it’s like to try to sleep with a cold. A sore throat can be agonizing and keep you in a cycle of pain that keeps you from relaxing. If your baby is waking up all of a sudden and crying in discomfort, it could be a sign they are distressed by the pain of an ear infection or a sore throat.

While these are generally normal for a baby to experience, it can be hard to their under-developed immune systems to fight off the infection. Make sure to take your baby to a pediatrician if you suspect this is the problem.
Keep an eye out for thick yellow discharge from the nose or swelling and puffiness around the nose and eyes.

5. Food Allergies or Sensitivities

With the rise of food sensitivities, It seems like more and more children are being diagnosed with food allergies. Your baby may be sensitive to a certain food, too.

These sensitivities can irritate the digestive system and cause general discomfort for your baby. They may feel itchy or have acid reflux that is keeping them up at night. If your baby is showing signs of colic distress or developing unexplained or excessive rashes, food allergies should be included in your investigation.

You can start with removing common food allergens to see if baby reacts positively. Foods such as dairy, wheat, and corn are common culprits. If your relief in changes, then continue your new diet. They may also have more than one food sensitivity.

If you are breastfeeding, you may also need to temporarily remove these foods from your diet as well. Baby can still get small amounts of these food particles through your milk.

6. Acid Reflux

While every baby experiences some spit up, babies who have forceful episodes of spitting up and discomfort when being put down may be suffering from acid reflux.

If your baby is arching their back, squirming uncomfortably, and screaming when put down, then this uncomfortable problem could be the culprit. This may also be the case if they’re not responding to regular comforting or calmed by a swaddle.

You may be able to relieve this pain by lessening the amount of milk she gets at each feeding. If you are breastfeeding, it is possible to be making too much milk. If your baby is overeating, their stomachs may just be struggling to take in all of that milk. You can also help lessen this by keeping her upright for 30 minutes after eating. But also notify your pediatrician if you think your baby has acid reflux or allergies.

7. Transitioning Through Sleep Cycles

The body naturally goes through phases of deep and light sleep. There are times at night where you will wake up for just seconds before dosing off to sleep, perhaps with no memory of it.

This is natural and related to REM sleep and circadian rhythms. Baby must learn how to get themselves back to sleep after these short phases of waking and dreaming. She might wake up and crave the rocking, or sleep prop, they’ve become accustomed to when falling asleep.

This can be why your baby doesn’t seem to stay asleep for very long a time. A good remedy for this is to let your baby lay down when they are sleepy but still awake to get used to the feeling of drifting off in that environment. The brain then starts to create sleep associations and cues.

8. Baby is Hungry For Solid Food

Depending on their age, if they are over 6 months their digestive system may be craving more solid foods. Milk will provide good nutrition, but their stomachs might need something more to work with. Try introducing more solid food into their diet gradually and see if they stay full for longer. If your baby won’t eat or drink as much anymore, please read our article about that.

9. It’s Too Hot Or Too Cold For Baby

If your baby is waking up at night or oversleeping, check their bodies for sweat and hands for cold fingers. This can be an easy solution to their night waking. Babies need a little extra warmth than us to be comfortable and may want an extra blanket. Ideally, a baby is most comfortable in a room temperature of 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Growth Spurts

You may have experienced growing pains when you were a child or teenager, and babies get them too. Baby might go through a week of having a bigger appetite to accommodate this growth. They may also wake up in the middle of the night more hungry.

A growing baby can become more sleepy, but it can also cause sleeplessness too. They may be more interesting in play when they’re entering a new developmental phase, making it harder to calm down and go to sleep.

Around two months is a common time for babies to experiences what’s called sleep regression, where they will wake up more frequently at night, even if they previously were sleeping fine.


If your baby is still having trouble sleeping, then don’t give up on your search for the answer. There are many things that cause night waking and trouble to sleep in babies, and they need you to discover it for them. Losing out on sleep isn’t good for you or baby, so don’t give up.

Try It Today!
No Risk, Sleep Guarantee!

Our sleep method will work for you like it has for thousands of others. This is why a 60-Day Sleep Guarantee is included with every purchaseIf you're unsatisfied, simply contact us within the first 60 days for a prompt 100% refund.

This is a one-time payment for a digital download of our method and three bonuses. Delivered instantly!

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