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My Baby’s Hair Sticks Up

    Babies are born with different hair situations. They range from a head full of hair to non- existence. Those with a lot of hair may have curly and tangled hair that requires conditioning and combing. Others have delicate hair which falls out easily. Some do have hair, but you will notice that it keeps on sticking up whenever you try to style it down.

    As a parent, when your baby’s hair sticks up, you may begin to wonder what is causing it to behave that way. Well, if you have a baby with this kind of hair and you are seeking some answers, this is the right article to read. Find out more about this hair situation in babies, including the causes and remedies.

    Does This Happen to All Babies?

    The most disturbing question when you see your baby’s hair sticking up is whether it happens to other children too. Note that different factors cause hair to stick up.

    Babies’ hair features are not the same. That is why you will find some baby’s hair sticking up, but when it comes to others, it holds down without a problem. So, the answer to this question is no. Hair sticking up doesn’t happen to all babies but individuals, depending on their hair’s features and texture.

    Reasons Why Hair Sticks up

    Various hair features cause the hair to stick up. For instance, thick and or stiff hair is likely to stick up. Unlike sleek hair, which is easy to style, this one is a bit difficult. However, much you try to style; it will still stick up.

    Another reason your baby’s hair is sticking up is that you comb it when it is dry. Note that it is the moisture that holds the hair down. So, when some hair is dry, it becomes challenging to stay flat on the head.

    Temporary or Permanent Situation

    Hair sticking up is not something you should worry about as a parent. Note that this situation is expected when the baby’s hair is still short. It means that the more it grows, the less it sticks up. So, this is a temporary situation that will diminish.

    However, note that it is still possible for your baby’s hair to stick up, even when it is long. So, if your baby has this type of hair, there is no cause for alarm. There are remedies for this type of hair, as explained below.

    What Are the Remedies?

    There are various ways of keeping your baby’s hair from sticking up. For instance, if your baby has tuft hair, you can use a barrette, hat, or headband to keep your baby’s hair in the position you want. First, style it, then put on a headband, hat, or barrette to help hold it down.

    We also have those babies whose hair is circular, commonly known as cowlick hair. If your baby’s hair grows in this pattern, you should not make the hair in this area too short. If you do, it will stick up more. Leaving it to grow a bit long will make it to hold down on its own.

    Another way of handling sticking hair is to comb it right away after washing. If it is already dry, you can make it damp first using smoothing products or sprinkling water on the hair before styling it. Dump hair holds down easily.

    Important Consideration

    Note that when babies are born, their hair grows in stages. It means a stage where the baby’s hair will stick up, and there is nothing you can do about it. Patience is all you need as you enjoy every stage of your baby’s hair growth until that time it is ready to hold down on its own.  

    Also, the baby’s hair depends on the genetics, sex, and ethnicity of the baby. It is the reason why the texture of the hair among babies differs. So, it’s possible that you may not achieve the hairstyling you want for your baby because of these factors.


    Some parents may find sticking up their hair disappointing because there are styles they want to achieve for their babies’ hair. Though some situations may be genetic, there are always remedies to help you with this type of hair situation. The information here should help you to select the best remedy for your baby’s hair.

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