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Why Does My Baby’s Hair Stick Up? Solutions for This Common Phenomenon

The Science Behind Baby’s Sticky-Up Hair

What Causes My Baby’s Hair to Stick Up?

Your baby’s hair sticking up, often called ‘baby bedhead’, is a totally normal occurrence. It’s primarily due to the hair’s texture and the direction in which it grows. Baby hair is typically fine and soft, which makes it more prone to sticking up or out. The way your baby sleeps and moves can also contribute to this hair-raising phenomenon.

The Evolution of Baby’s Hair

Baby hair, also known as vellus hair, is different from the hair we have as adults. As your baby grows, their hair will likely become thicker and change texture, which may cause the hair to lay down more naturally over time.

Managing Your Baby’s Sticky-Up Hair

Should I Try to Style My Baby’s Hair?

While it can be tempting to bring out the hair gel, it’s best to let nature take its course. Your baby’s scalp is still sensitive and developing, and it’s generally recommended to avoid using any unnecessary products.

Can I Help My Baby’s Hair Lay Flat?

There are safe ways to gently coax your baby’s hair to lay down. Try gently brushing the hair after a bath when it is still wet, or you could consider a gentle, baby-safe shampoo or conditioner, especially if your baby’s hair is longer or more prone to tangling.

Is Sticky-Up Hair Affecting My Baby’s Sleep?

For some parents, the worry may not just be about appearance, but also about whether their baby’s hair sticking up is a sign of disrupted sleep. However, it’s important to remember that it’s completely natural for babies to move around during their sleep. This movement can lead to their hair sticking up, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby isn’t getting restful sleep.

Understanding Your Baby’s Spiky Hair

Why Does My Baby’s Hair Stick Up?

Babies often have fine, wispy hair that stands up easily due to its texture and the way it grows. It’s quite normal and doesn’t indicate any underlying problem. Movement during sleep or after baths can contribute to this spiky hair phenomenon.

What Causes Some Babies to Have Lots of Hair?

Genetics play a significant role in the quantity of hair a baby has at birth. Both mom’s and dad’s genes contribute to this trait. Also, hormones in the womb can impact hair growth, leading to more or less hair on a baby’s head.

Uncombable Hair Syndrome: A Rare Condition

What Does Uncombable Hair Syndrome Look Like and Can It Be Treated?

Uncombable hair syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by unruly, dry, and usually blonde or straw-colored hair that sticks out from the scalp. If you suspect your baby has this condition, consult with a pediatrician. While there’s currently no known cure, the hair often improves over time, usually becoming more manageable by adolescence.

Tips for Managing Your Baby’s Hair

How Can I Keep My Baby’s Hair from Sticking Up?

While there’s no definitive method to ensure your baby’s hair stays down, you can use a soft brush to gently groom it. Avoid harsh products or pulling the hair tightly, as this can damage the sensitive scalp. Regularly moisturizing with baby-safe oils can also improve the hair’s texture.

How Often Should I Wash My Baby’s Hair?

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that you need to wash your baby’s hair only once a week to avoid drying out their scalp. As they grow older and their hair becomes thicker, you can increase this to twice a week if necessary.

Should I Trim My Baby’s Hair?

Deciding when and if to trim your baby’s hair is entirely up to you. Some believe in waiting until the baby is a year old, while others might do it sooner if the baby’s hair interferes with their vision or is difficult to manage.

The Transition of Baby’s Hair

Will My Baby’s Hair Change Texture?

Yes, most babies experience a change in hair texture, color, and thickness as they grow older. This transition is influenced by genetics and can happen anytime between infancy and adolescence.

Do All Babies Lose Their Newborn Hair?

Most babies lose their newborn hair, a process called hair shedding, within the first six months. This is replaced by mature hair, which may differ in color and texture.

How Do I Prepare My Baby for Their First Haircut?

Prepare your baby for their first haircut by familiarizing them with the sounds and sensations associated with it. You can let them watch you get your hair cut or use play scissors to pretend to cut their hair. Remember to choose a time when your baby is rested and in a good mood.

Improving Sleep Despite Spiky Hair with

While your baby’s spiky hair may seem amusing or concerning, it’s just a normal part of babyhood. At, we’re here to help with all things related to your baby’s sleep, hair included! Check out our resources for effective, gentle techniques to soothe your baby to sleep, regardless of how their hair decides to stand up.

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