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I’m Pregnant and My Nipples Are Peeling

    Pregnancy comes with a lot of body changes. You’ll notice your body stretching; you can have glowing skin or add beauty, which wasn’t there before the pregnancy. But then the same hormones which are responsible for the glow can also make your nipples peel. Your nipples can also peel because of dry skin, which is common during pregnancy. When your nipples are peeling, you’ll worry a lot. You’ll wonder whether it will affect your unborn baby or if it’s a sign of underlying disease. Relax and read along to get the tips you can use to stop your nipples from peeling during pregnancy.

    Massage Your Nipples with Oil

    If your nipples peel and crack, you’ll be uncomfortable, and it can prompt you to remove them by yourself. Removing the dead skin can worsen the condition. To soften the dry peeling skin, massage your nipples using coconut oil, but if you can’t get it, use olive oil. The oil will make the skin around your nipples moist, preventing further peeling. Ensure you massage your nipples after bathing to keep in moisture.

    Keep Your Nipples Clean

    When your nipples peel off during pregnancy, it means the skin around that area is left open from cracks. Loose skin can pave the way for bacterial infections. To avoid having infections clean your nipples regularly. Maintain high hygiene standards now that you’ll be applying oil on the nipples. Please don’t allow your skin to be wet because it can be a brooding ground for infections.

    Avoid Washing Your Nipples with Regular Soap

    if your nipples peel, there’s a high probability of having dry skin. Using ordinary bath soap will wash away the essential oils which you need to have glowing skin. And because your nipples are already peeling off, the soap will make the nipples crack further, worsening the situation. To avoid harming your nipples, don’t wash them using regular soap. You can alternatively change your bathing soap from regular or oily to the one suitable for dry skin to stop the peeling.

    Wear Nipples Protectors

    The skin around your nipples is always susceptible and reactive. When your nipples are peeling off, it’s hard putting on clothes without getting irritations or triggering pain. To protect your nipples from disturbances, put on nipples protectors. The nipple protector can prevent the skin around your nipples from dumbness. The nipple protector will also prevent your skin from peeling off after getting into contact with clothes like bras when you’re removing them. 

    Increase Your Fluid Intake

    If your nipples are peeling off because of dry skin, take more fluids to stay hydrated. Having enough fluids in your body is crucial as it will make your skin soft and glowing. When you have soft, gentle skin, it’s hard to suffer from things like nipples peeling off. You might find it hard taking plain water while you’re pregnant, opt for juice or flavored water. 

    Don’t Peel off the Skin on Your Nipples

    When you realize your nipples peeling off, don’t go ahead and remove the dead skin by yourself. Peeling the skin will give you injuries you didn’t expect, resulting in more infections and pain. When you remove the peels on your nipples, know that you’re likely to repeat doing the same when alone. If the peeling continues over time, it will be hard for your open wounds to heal. Removing the skin on your nipples will also interfere with the healthy skin on your nipples. 

    Maintain a Healthy Diet

    Weight gain is some reason why your skin will stretch, which is inevitable during pregnancy. Your nipples might be peeling off because you’re adding much weight during pregnancy, leading to the stretching of your skin. But then you should strive not to add too much weight, which will make your skin overstretch. When the skin on your nipples overstretched during pregnancy, the peeling off becomes worse, something you’ll not love. To avoid adding too much weight, maintain a healthy diet. Having nutritional food intake will not make you add too much weight while pregnant.


    Some women can have peeling nipples for the better part of their pregnancy journey, while others go away after some time. Peeling nipples during pregnancy can be a nightmare, especially if it’s itching too. To improve the condition, keep your nipples moisturized with oil, maintain a healthy diet, and wear nipples protectors.

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