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Will My Baby’s Eyebrows Grow Back?

    Eyebrows can fall off because of various reasons. It could result from an accident causing injuries on the eyebrows. Medical conditions such as eczema or some traditions that require you to trim down your child’s eyebrows. Usually, people perceive them as a source of beauty, but its primary function is to defend your eyes from liquids like sweat. 

    When your child’s eyebrows fall off because of any reason, it can harm their eyes. If this is the case, you’ll worry a lot if the eyebrows take time to grow back. But you are in the right place since we’ll show you what to do for your kids’ eyebrow to grow back faster.

    Include a Well-Balanced Diet on Your Child’s Menu

    Human hair mainly consists of protein. When your child lacks enough protein in their body, the chances are high that their hair will come off. If your kid’s eyebrows fall off because of a lack of enough protein, you should consider giving them meals that consist of protein. It means the diet should be balanced with healthy food components to allow the eyebrows to grow back.

    Give Hair Growth Supplements

    If you are too worried about the hair not growing back sooner, give your baby hair growth supplements. The supplements carry essential vitamins like vitamin H, B, and biotin, which stimulate hair growth. Alternatively, you can give your child foods rich in biotins like eggs, rice, and groundnuts to help their hair grow and reduce your worries.

    Consider Using Castor Oil  

    When your kid’s eyebrows fall off because of an injury, you can use home remedy methods to make them grow back faster. One of the remedies includes rubbing castor oil on the affected area to stimulate the hair follicles to grow. Many people recommend castor oil as they believe it can help eyebrows grow back though there’s no scientific evidence on these claims. It’s believed that the acidic compound found in castor oil known as ricinoleic acid has the capability of making hair grow again after coming off. So if you apply the castor oil on your kid’s eyebrows, they will not only be moist but also it will help them grow again and stop them from breakage.

    Get Your Child Serum for Eyebrow Growth

    There are different serum brands for eyebrow growth that can help your child get back their lost brows. The serum can make the eyebrows thicker and denser in areas where there was breakage faster. You can get the serum over the counter from any chemist around you and apply it according to the leaflet’s directions. When buying the serum, ensure you start the best that will not react with your child’s skin, and if any reaction occurs, discontinue use.

    Use Medication 

    There are medications that you can use to help your child’s eyebrows grow back again. You can use Latisse, a stimulant that you can use to increase your eyelashes’ size. Latisse can also help with your kid’s eyebrows. So, you can apply it to your kid’s eyebrows to help them grow back again.

    Give Foods Rich in Iron

    Having less iron in the body can make your child’s hair fall off. To help their eyebrows grow again after breaking off because of iron deficiency, include it on their diet. You can cook food rich in iron like spinach, fish or cereals. Giving your child these foods will help them boost their iron levels, prevent hair loss, and reduce the chances of attack by diseases such as anemia.

    Tell Your Child to Stop Plucking or Using Hair Removers

    In case your child’s eyebrows fall off because they like plucking them, tell them to stop doing so. Some kids tend to pluck their eyebrows for fun since they don’t know its adverse effects on their hair health.  To prevent them from this tendency of plucking, give them warnings to stop. But if your child uses hair removers, either yours or the one you’ve permitted them to use, tell them to discontinue using it to enable the eyebrows to grow back again.


    Your child’s eyebrows can always grow back after six months, but if you want them to grow back again faster, consider reviewing their diet. You can give them foods rich in iron, use the serum for eyebrows growth or use castor oil to help them grow back again.

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