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Will My Baby’s Eyebrows Get Darker or Change Color?

    It is usual for every expectant mother to wonder how her little one will look. The color of her hair and eyebrows will be some of the many questions mums keep asking. Once the baby is born, you are unsure if the eyebrows will change or remain the same.

    Here are a few facts that will help understand what affects your baby’s eyebrow color.

    Eyebrows Start Growing in the Womb

    Eyebrows start developing while the baby is still in the womb. Some babies are not born with visible eyebrows. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have it. They may have few hairs where the eyebrows are supposed to grow while others have near fully developed eyebrows.

    Eyebrows Can Be Hard to See

    Babies born with blonde eyebrows can be hard to see the eyebrows, especially in pictures. You can hold your little one in the light to see the blonde eyebrows that may be pale. It is a common sign that your little one will be a cute blonde.

    Your baby could be having sparse eyebrows. Genetics determined eyebrows, so if you and your partner have sparse eyebrows, your baby will likely have. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes it takes time to have full eyebrows, so don’t be impatient.

    Eyebrows Take Time to Grow

    Babies born without visible eyebrows will grow a few weeks, and they will be visible. Some, like those born prematurely, can take longer. As the hair grows, so are the eyebrows. Some babies can take a year to increase their eyebrows, so mums should not get worried when their babies seem to take longer.

    It’s advisable never to try and fasten the growth of your baby’s eyebrow using commercial growth products. These types of products are full of chemicals that are threatening for your baby. Organic products are also not safe for the baby’s eyes.

    Eumelanin and Pheomelanin

    Two types of melanin affect the hair color; they are eumelanin and Pheomelanin. Eumelanin dives the hair color brown or black while Pheomelanin makes the hair to have a blonde and red color. A mix of both melanins is what gives the baby’s hair color.

    If your baby has higher Pheomelanin concentrations, the hair will be lighter, and if the concentration of eumelanin is high, the hair will be black or brown.


    Genes are the dominant factors that determine how a baby will look. Each person has 46 chromosomes that experts believe they contain 100,000 genes. Your baby comes with either dormant one recessive genes.  The recessive genes give lighter color to the hair while dominant provides the hair with a darker shade.

    Your baby will not necessarily have eyebrows looking precisely like yours because different genes work together and create someone unique. So, your baby’s eyebrows can be different colors like dark or light, strawberry blonde.

    Could My Baby’s Eyebrows Get Darker or Lighter?

    Your baby’s eyebrows may get darker as the baby grows or remains the same. The pigmentation of the baby’s eyebrows color is already locked but still developing.  The eyebrows may change for several years as the pigmentation is even getting distributed and getting to settle. It can take up to seven years to complete the changes.

    Can Baby’s Eyebrows Be Predicted on How They Will Look?

    You can try to predict the baby’s eyebrows color, but they surprise us once they arrive. There are many combinations of your genes and your partner’s genes. The baby will not be very different from both of you.

    If you and your partner have dark eyebrows, it’s highly likely the baby will have dark eyebrows, but if one of you has blonde brows, there is a chance for your baby to have blonde eyebrows. Another thing to consider is the family history of their people with blonde eyebrows. If there are especially your parents, there is a chance a baby born with light eyebrows may not get darker.


    There is a 50/50 probability that your baby’s eyebrows may get darker or stay light. However, there is no sure definition as every baby is different. The possibility lies in the genes that the baby got from the parent. Whether straw belly blonde, dark or light blonde eyebrows, your baby will remain beautiful and unique on their own, and with time, you can tell if the color gets darker.

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