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Why Might an Uncle Be Attracted to a Niece or Nephew? Understanding Genetic Sexual Attraction

While the discussion of incestuous relationships was confined to hushed tones in previous generations, the concept of Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) has since emerged from the shadows. It’s a phenomenon that has sparked discussions in various public forums – courtrooms, social media platforms, and support group meetings. Here, we delve into the topic, focusing on instances where an uncle might feel an attraction to a niece or nephew.

Acceptance of GSA in Today’s Society

GSA, although considered an age-old phenomenon, is still a topic that is generally unacceptable in most cultures. However, certain communities do endorse it as part of their customs. Modern societies, contrarily, largely treat incest as a crime. Hence, if you find a relative expressing romantic or sexual interest towards you, it is crucial to bring it to light.

Is It Normal for an Uncle to Show Attraction?

In nature’s bid to prevent inbreeding, humans are usually attracted to genetically dissimilar mates. It becomes a concern when an older relative, such as an uncle, shows an inappropriate attraction towards a younger family member. This behavior could potentially lead to emotional trauma, prompting self-detrimental tendencies or lowered self-confidence.

Underlying Factors of Attraction from a Relative

During the period of puberty, adolescents can be unconsciously drawn towards those exhibiting similar character traits to their parents. Even though this inclination typically fades post-puberty, it’s encouraged in some cultures that practice consanguinity.

However, an uncle who shows inappropriate interest might be dealing with deep-seated issues like spousal rejection, depression, or a history of incest. Additionally, disturbances in family dynamics can skew values and responsibilities, leading to incestuous tendencies.

What to Do If You Notice Attraction from Your Uncle

Dealing with unwarranted advances from an older family member like an uncle can be unsettling. It’s essential to address this issue as soon as it arises. Despite the inherent hesitation in discussing such matters within the family or publicly, it’s crucial to inform a trusted adult or guardian about any inappropriate behavior from an older relative.

Handling an Uncle Who Displays Unwanted Interest

If you’re of legal age, you might decide to have a direct conversation with your uncle. However, ensure that it’s succinct and to the point. Assert that the behavior is unacceptable. If intimidation is used as a tactic, stand your ground and express your disdain towards such behavior. Your clear disapproval might cause your uncle to reflect and stop any further advances.

For personal safety, avoid being alone with your uncle. Maintain privacy and security by locking your room or having a companion share the space with you.

Recognizing Signs of Concern in Your Uncle’s Behavior

If your uncle’s behavior becomes manipulative, intimidating, or aggressive, it’s time to seek additional assistance. It’s particularly alarming if he starts blaming you or belittling you before others.

In such instances, it might be necessary to report the situation to local law enforcement or school authorities, especially if your family is unresponsive to your claims. Do not let yourself be manipulated into taking blame for a situation you’re not responsible for.

Parent Testimonials

“When I first noticed my brother’s undue interest in my daughter, I was shocked.” — Susan, 48, Birmingham, AL

“I didn’t want to believe it. But when I walked into the family room that afternoon and saw how he was looking at her… It was a look no uncle should have for his niece. My stomach turned. I approached the situation head-on, confronting him about his inappropriate behavior. He denied it, of course, but I insisted on therapy for him and a strict boundary for my daughter.”

“I was terrified for my son when I realized what was happening.” — Craig, 51, Portland, OR

“My brother-in-law had always been close to my boy, too close, it seems. I recall a chilling night when I overheard a conversation that crossed lines—lines of propriety, lines of family. I informed my wife immediately, and we involved the local authorities, despite the familial backlash. It was a tough decision, but the safety of our child came first.”

“We didn’t realize it until it was too late.” — Patricia, 55, Laredo, TX

“Our trust in family blinded us to the signs. My brother, whom we had taken in after he lost his job, developed a disturbing interest in our teenage daughter. We found out when she confessed to her school counselor about her ‘creepy uncle.’ It shattered us. Despite the legal and emotional chaos that followed, we’ve tried to support our daughter and help her reclaim her sense of self-worth.”

“My brother and my son used to be the best of friends.” — Nina, 49, Detroit, MI

“But things started to change when my son hit puberty. Suddenly, I noticed my brother’s interest in him shifting from innocent to something unsettling. When my son confided in me, I felt my heart break. I immediately put a stop to their interactions and got my brother help. It strained our relationship, but my priority was, and always will be, my son’s wellbeing.”


Despite the presence of Genetic Sexual Attraction for centuries, it remains a delicate topic, often steeped in shame and discomfort. However, it’s vital that you do not feel victimized by inappropriate advances from an older relative. Make sure to confide in someone trustworthy, like your parents or the authorities, to aid you in these situations.

Moreover, sometimes an older relative’s attraction to younger family members may stem from deep-seated emotional issues. It’s crucial that such individuals seek professional counseling to cope with their negative feelings and emotions.

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