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Why Is My Grandma So Mean?

    A sweet grandma is a precious gift every child would wish to keep forever. Even so, some seniors can be unbearably mean and upsetting.  Seniors who show emotional fits and get upset over trivial matters may be having an underlying issue. Sometimes anxiety or depression, and other forms of dementia can cause aged people to throw tantrums.

    However, some older people without any medical condition are stubborn and manipulative. People with this behavior tend to get worse with age and often have temper tantrums. Aged loved ones with this behavior do not need a reason to be mean. It is just a way to be manipulative. Caring for a stubborn elderly can be very time consuming and overwhelming. If your grandma is so mean and experiences sudden emotional outbursts, you may need to see a doctor to validate the cause.

    Does Being Old Make Your Grandma So Mean?

    Personality changes can occur at any age and for various reasons. Being so mean is not a symptom of old age, and neither is it a confirmation of an illness. However, people in advanced stages of life can be moody and picky, which can lead to emotional fits.

    With age, many things become unbearable.  Physical discomfort and fatigue are common stimulants for emotional outbursts in people of all ages. Older people seem to have more backaches, joint aches, muscle aches, and get tired more quickly.  These issues can make anyone mean, but the elderly tend to be more expressive about it. 

    Older adults tend to be impatient and demanding. Your grandma is already tired from doing nothing, and having to wait longer for a service or anything else can be irritating. This lack of patience can spark off emotional fits and grumpiness.

    Can Your Grandma Stop Being Mean?

    Sometimes older people become mean as a result of certain diseases such as dementia. Emotional fits can be due to anxiety over a worsening health situation.

    There may not be much to do about the emotional outburst if your grandma has dementia. Aging loved ones react differently through the stages of dementia.  Attempting to reason with your grandma’s behavior can worsen the situation.

    What Provokes Your Grandma Mean Behavior?

    There are times when you need to take a break from your aging loved one. This can cause a senior’s tantrums to get worse. Your grandma can feel abandoned, which may cause loneliness and sometimes bitterness. These overwhelming emotions can make your grandma yell and make unreasonable demands. 

    Stubborn seniors will stop throwing tantrums until a specific need is met. If your grandma’s requests are not delivered, it may cause your aged loved one to be unreasonably angry.

    What to Do if Your Grandma Is So Mean

    Besides contacting your aging loved one’s doctor for advice, you can keep your grandma’s surrounding calm. Providing familiar and structured routines can help your grandma experience reduced emotional fits.

    It is wise not to engage your grandma during emotional fits and temper tantrums. The best you can do is to stay calm and walk away. Give your grandma time to cool down before you can revisit the issue.

    Consult care giving services If you feel that your grandma’s behavior has taken a toll on your life. Sometimes an aged loved one can become demanding and uncontrollable. You may have to take a break if your grandma’s yelling and unkindness hurts you and leaves you overly drained.  It is wise to take time to recharge and to manage your physical and mental health.

    When to Worry if Your Grandma Is So Mean

    Any abrupt changes in your grandma’s behavior should be a cause for concern.  Sometimes, medications, lack of sleep, and pain can affect a senior’s behavior.  Your grandma may start acting unusually upset or become extra demanding.  

    You need to take your grandma for a further medical examination if you notice sudden outbursts of unkind yelling, irritability, and mood swings.  This can be caused by a new or deteriorating physical or mental health issue.


    Though aged loved ones may occasionally always show emotional outbursts, sometimes this behavior may progress or get worse with time. It is worrying if your grandma develops mood swings, becomes irritable, and exhibits sudden outbursts of yelling.

    Mean and unkind behavior among aged adults can either be a habit that has progressed with age, or it may be due to an underlying illness. However, it is needful to get your grandma examined by an expert to rule out the possibility of a more serious issue. 

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