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Why Is My Brother an Idiot?

    In our families, we have all kinds of characters; some are smart, not so much. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose your family members even if they act like idiots. It’s not like your brother is mentally ill, only that he hates using his brain. 

    Do you know what’s worse? It’s when he embraces his idiocy and wears it proudly on his sleeves, not only in action but also in words. And this makes it hard to spend time around him. 

    Your brother is an idiot if he’s:


    Being responsible for our lives makes us happy and successful. Unfortunately, stupid people do not take their lives seriously. Yeah, life is not fair, but you need to work with what you have. You will find your brother just lazing around in the house, and the little money he has will waste on drugs and alcohol. Then, he expects you, his other siblings, and his parents to foot his bills.

    Blames You for Their Mistakes

    Dumb people dislike being accountable for their wrongdoings. So you will always find them impugning others for their slip-ups. If your brother does things incorrectly, and when your parents figure it out, he lays all the blame on you, he is an idiot. 

    Claims to Be Right All the Time

    When you argue with someone, it’s always good to find a solution or come to a compromise. Your brother is stupid, if every time you get into an argument, he doesn’t want to find a solution or compromise. Instead, he insists on continuing the dispute by paying no heed to any valid point you’ve made against them. And if there is to be a compromise, you are the one to concede defeat.

    Reacts to Conflict with Anger and Violence

    We all get angry, but sometimes it’s important to take time to reflect before reacting. However, idiots respond with fury and violence, and something minor can escalate because of their stupidity. When you comment on his behavior, it will attract a negative reaction no matter how you voice it. He will most likely go all guns blazing before he evaluates whether what you said is in line with his behavior.

    He Ignores Your Wishes and Feelings

    A smart person knows how to empathize with others, making it easy to see a fresh perspective. However, a stupid person thinks everyone reasons like them, so they do not understand why you disagree. Consequently, they expect you to do them a favor if they extend one to you. The concept of doing good with nothing in return is foreign to them. 

    That is why you will find your brother acting selfishly and not considering your needs and feelings.

    Using Incorrect Words

    Nothing makes you look like an idiot than using the wrong words. If you are not sure, don’t say it or learn how to say it correctly. Besides, using slang words in a business setting where you are discussing severe matters makes you look like a fool.


    Smoking might have been cool back in the 90s, but that’s not trending anymore. It’s an idiotic move if your brother is smoking to look cool or impress a girl. Smoking turns people off. Apart from the dangers of tobacco, it also gives you a nasty breath.

    How do you deal with an Idiot?

    Adjust Your Standards

    Yeah, I know it’s challenging but very crucial when dealing with your idiotic brother. We often set unrealistic expectations for those around us, your brother. This results in frustration if he does not conform to your expectations. Do not set expectations for your brother, and it will surprise you that nothing they do irks you.

    Try to See Things from His Perspective

    Try to see things from your brother’s point of reason. Sure, you may think he is always acting stupid, so nothing he does makes sense. But you might surprise yourself to see that he also makes a point. Every argument has two sides, so evaluate both sides of the argument. 

    Don’t Be Judgmental

    Some people are book smart, while others are street smart. So do not label your brother as stupid because he is not intelligent in the areas you want. 

    Respond With Kindness

    Your brother may egg you with his stupid behavior to irritate you because you probably will not respond. So, instead of sparring words with him, be nice. This will confuse him and force him to be nice to you. But if you respond in a rude and mean manner, you will encourage him to act dumber.

    Your brother may be an idiot if he has the behaviors discussed above. Lucky for you, we have given you ways to deal with him.

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