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Why Is My Aunt So Mean to Me?

    Everyone loves it when they feel accepted by other people. It feels even better when your extended family makes you feel appreciated and assured that they are behind you. However, there are some individuals in the extended family that can make your life miserable. They seem friendly from the outside, but their actions and gestures leave you with questions when they come near you.

    For instance, how does your aunt treat you? And how does it make you feel? You are not alone in that walk of life. Many children have had to go through that same experience.

    Your aunt treats you like a nobody in the house. She makes you feel like you can’t do anything right in life. She majors on your weaknesses and enjoys picking on you when you meet during family gatherings.

    It is one thing to deal with your annoying school mate. It is also another thing to deal with a mean aunt. This is why this article focuses on giving you some of the possible reasons why your aunt is mean to you and not only that. You will also get to learn how to deal with this side of your aunt.

    Why Your Aunt Is Mean to You

    It is not normal for someone, even your aunt, to hate you for no apparent reason. There has to be something that has triggered that hateful feeling. Now, that could depend on two things. It is either you did something wrong to her, or somebody else is responsible.

    You Did Something Wrong

    Nobody likes a child who is a pain in the neck. There is a possibility that you sparked off this feeling in your aunt when you did something wrong. It could be an event that took place when you were still a child.

    It is not logical for anyone to hold onto a grudge for what someone did when they were young.

    Your Aunt and Mom Are Not in Good Terms

    When you cannot trace your aunt’s meanness to anything you have done, there could be something else behind it. Maybe your mom and aunt are not in good standing with each other.

    It is usual for sisters to fight a lot, especially during their childhood. You expect these fights to end as people grow to maturity. But that does not happen in most cases. This could be the case with your aunt. she could be mean to you because she does not like your mother.

    She Is Jealous of You

    Does your aunt have a child? Is the child your age mate? What is the child’s performance in school? If your aunt has a child, this can be a good reason for being mean to you. This is because you are probably successful in school and every area. The fact that you are different makes your aunt think that you are better than your cousin. That can be a tough one to swallow, mostly if one hasn’t outgrown sibling rivalry.

    Your Aunt Doesn’t Like Your Dad

    Some people tend to generalize things. For instance, your aunt could be having issues with your dad. It could be from the very beginning when your parents were still dating. Maybe she felt that her sister should not be dating someone like your father. Perhaps due to his financial status or background, or even race.

    It Is not easy to explain why your aunt does not like your dad. There are some issues that only your parents can explain better than any other person.

    What You Can Do About It

    The first step is talking to your parents about the matter. Since this is an issue that involves someone you consider as your senior, you should tell your parents how you feel. Let them know what you’d want them to do concerning the issue. You might end up discerning the exact reason behind your aunt’s attitude towards you.

    Approach your aunt and talk to her about your relationship. Tell her that you have noticed she is mean to you. Ask her to tell you the reason behind her attitude towards you. She may open up to you. Apologize to her if you are responsible.

    Do not hate your aunt for being mean to you. Instead, treat her with respect and love. It may not be easy, but it is rewarding.

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