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Why Is My Aunt Jealous of Me?

    Feelings of inadequacy and unimportance can cause a family member to be jealous.  A relative who starts to make comparisons with other family members can become envious or resentful. However, a person can become jealous because of a previous hurtful situation.

    It is common to come across jealous family members. Relatives whose company is supposed to bring you joy can become envious of you. Sometimes resentment can influence your cousins, aunts, or siblings to hurt you.

    What to Look Out for if Your Aunt Is Jealous

    A jealous relative will give negative comments about everything you do. Some of the signs to look out for in a jealous person include things like sabotaging your plans, gossip, and spreading lies.

    Nothing that you achieve will impress a green-eyed relative. Your aunt will not show admiration for your achievements, and neither will they congratulate you for your hard work, promotion, and accomplishments. A jealous relative will attribute your success to luck that can happen to anyone.

    Your jealous aunt will always tell you what another family member did better than you. Everything about your achievement will receive criticism. Your aunt will come up with a version to outdo you on any meaningful event in your life.

    How to Handle a Jealous Aunt

    Dealing with an envious family member is challenging and can cause misunderstanding among kindred. It is essential to know the cause of the jealousy when handling a relative. This is because people are different and will respond differently to every situation.

    It can be challenging to know the cause of your aunt’s envy unless you initiate an open conversation to address the situation.  Find a time when both you and your aunt are calm to engage in a conversation.  When addressing the issue, find neutral words to express your concerns about the issue.

    You may not manage to change your aunt’s envious feelings towards you. However, you can adjust your behavior to reduce the way your aunt reacts towards you. It is helpful to avoid things and conversations that trigger envious responses from your aunt.

    How to Talk to Your Jealous Aunt

    Before you talk to your aunt, it is essential to know when to stop talking.  Setting the boundaries of your conversation can help you communicate with your aunt without inducing resentment or bitterness. If you realize that the discussion is getting intense, you may have to excuse yourself and let some time pass.

    Limit your conversations and avoid topics that are likely to trigger feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.

    Do You Need to Be Honest with Your Jealous Aunt?

    Sometimes jealous people do not realize that this behavior hurts you. This is because an envious relative does not want to be corrected or advised.  The chances are that no one has pointed this behavior to your aunt. 

    Your aunt may not appreciate your sincerity initially, but later this truth may be accepted. Honesty, however, is not always reciprocated, and it could backfire. If your sincerity is not received, you need not repeat yourself.

    Jealous people already have a formed opinion of you and may interpret a conversation differently. Ensure that your aunt understands what you say by asking questions about your conversation. This helps clear doubts and any misinterpretation of your discussion.

    When to Worry About Your Jealous Aunt

    Though jealousy is a normal emotion in human beings, sometimes it can get uncontrollable. An envious relative can wreak havoc in a family, and extreme jealousy can affect your daily schedules.   Resentful people can sabotage your plans and spread gossip like bush fire. 

    It is worrisome if your aunt shows extreme anger towards you.  Strong emotions of anger can cause a person to harm others.  Uncontrollable resentfulness is a sign of underlying issues, such as anxiety or stress. It helps to seek support when experiencing extreme anger and resentment. 

    Resentful people can develop a deep dislike for other family members for no reason.  It’s potentially life -saving to seek medical attention if your aunt hates the people close to you. 


    You can be stressed by family members who are envious of your achievements, possessions, and other advantages. Jealous people often want you to feel bad about yourself and can blame you for things you have no control over.

    It is wise to limit your interaction with jealous relatives. Whenever you meet with envious family members, it helps to avoid topics that can trigger resentment.

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