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Why Does My Uncle Hate Me?

    Family ties are among the strongest bonds of all relationships. You expect your relative to cope with you even when you had a misunderstanding. Unfortunately, some family dynamics are complicated. You may get to a point, and you feel like one of your family members, like your uncle, hates you. Whether you know the reason why he hates you or not, this may affect you a lot. Additionally, the hatred may affect your relationship with his family or other members of the extended family. 

    Living with such an uncle is tricky, especially if you live in the same house or neighborhood. Trying to end the hatred is one of the surest ways of solving the problem. Read below to know whether your uncle loathes you and what you can do about it.

    Signs That Your Uncle Hates You?

    Saying that your uncle hates you is a strong word. It is possible that you made the wrong conclusion based on something small that happened. For this reason, before you conclude that your uncle hates you, figure out the exact reasons that make you have this conclusion. One of the signs you would use to prove that your uncle hates you is that he continually underestimates you. They feel that others are better than you, and you are far away from being the best. Additionally, an uncle who hates you openly ignores and avoids you.

    He acts like he doesn’t know you and is never willing to give you any help. An uncle who loathes you will always make you mad and never compliment you. Instead, he compares you to others to show you how unsuccessful you are.

    Why Does Your Uncle Hate You?

    If you knew why your uncle hates you, you would resolve the problem and restore the relationship. Unfortunately, at times there is no definite reason why your uncle treats you with so much hatred. Below are some of the potential reasons why he became an enemy:

    You Wronged Him

    Wronging someone is not a good enough reason why they should hate you. However, based on your uncle’s character, he may hate you because you wronged him, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, do a flashback of what you have been doing with your uncle and see whether you may have wronged him and apologize about it.

    He Is Jealous of You

    When jealous runs in the family set up, it results in hatred. For this reason, it is safe to say that your uncle hates you because he is jealous. Since there is nothing you can do about this, be good to him, and he will eventually change his attitude towards you.

    They Have a Problem with Your Parents

    Your uncle is a brother to either your mom or dad. If he has a problem with his sibling, who happens to be your parent, he may involve you in the issue. This is especially if it was your parent who wronged him. Although you are innocent, you are likely to end up in a problem by having an uncle who hates you.

    How Do You Cope with an Uncle Who Hates You?

    The easiest and surest way of dealing with somebody who hates you is breaking ties with them. However, your uncle is your family, and it is tricky to cut ties with your family. For this reason, you need to have ways to cope with the uncle who hates you no matter how tricky it is. You can cope with an uncle who hates you through ways such as:

    Try to Figure Out What Is Wrong

    Above are some of the reasons why your uncle hates you. You can observe these and other reasons to help identify why your uncle hates you. After you identify what the problem is, it is easier to know the way out. For instance, in case you wronged them, you can apologize and bury the hatchet.

    Keep Calm

    The enmity between your uncle could affect the entire family if you are not careful. Therefore, when you realize that your uncle has a problem with you, strive and keep calm. Do not fight them back or try to get revenge. Keeping calm will help you maintain peace and work things out with him.


    It is traumatizing to discover that someone you are related to, such as your uncle, hates you. When you are in such a situation, you need to figure out how to live with this uncle without making things more complicated. Nevertheless, if he proves complicated to deal with, give him some time to forget why he hates you, and make peace.

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