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Why Does My Stepdaughter Lie About Me?

Lying is sometimes unavoidable since some circumstances can force you into it. In your lifetime, you had to lie to escape some beating or punishment. Even though you lie, it can be hurtful to the other party if they get to know the truth. Some people lying is part of their life, while others can’t stand it because it’s against their morals. 

However, if you have a stepdaughter lying about you, you’ll not be happy with her. If you’ve accepted your stepdaughter as your own, you don’t expect lies from her but rather some respect. It will bother you and make you want to know why she did that, but it’s never easy dealing with stepdaughters. So, she might fail to tell you her reasons for doing this. But don’t worry, read along to understand the reasons why your stepdaughter lies about you.

To Hurt You

Some stepdaughters enjoy it when you hurt, especially if she feels you’ve forcefully replaced her other parent. To pay back her loss, she will lie about you to make her happy. She will say very hurtful things, and to a person she’s sure will tell the lies back to you. Don’t forget some kids love hurting and bullying others, so she might be abusive. She may also lie to hurt you and please her selfish ego. Deep inside her, she may know that what she’s doing is wrong. But because she’s on a mission, she has to fulfill it.

To Protect Her Image

It could be that your stepdaughter has terrible behaviors that you can’t tolerate. To protect her bad image from being known, she will lie, making people believe that you’re the problem. She knows that if she tells people your flawed characters, they’ll most likely believe her. And since most people believe kids don’t lie, everyone will buy her lies and take you for the bad one. Suppose you always punish her for the unruly behavior; she will look for a strategy to pay you back. To her, lying about you is one of the best ways out. Your stepdaughter understands that if she lies about you, she will earn the sympathy of most people. And most likely, no one will question her character but try to protect her from you.

To Attract Your Attention

Suppose your stepdaughter realizes that both of you don’t care about her and at times ignore her. Or you’re too engrossed with your work that you don’t spare enough time for her; she might create a fuss. For these reasons, she will make a big lie to get your attention. She can opt to lie about how you’re never present in the house. Or you never pay attention to her request to change your attitude towards her. Suppose she’s after your engagement; don’t expect her lies to end. Kids who love to seek attention in the wrong way always have a challenge with their self-esteem. So, to help your stepdaughter take her through counseling sessions.   

To Avoid Punishment from Other Family Members

Your stepdaughter might lie about you to escape punishments. If your stepdaughter realizes that she’s about to receive a penalty for something terrible, she has to look for a scapegoat. Instead of accepting it, she will fault it on you by telling lies. She will lie to the disciplinarian so that they don’t beat her up. It could be that lying has always saved her from big punishments, and now she’s running out of the best lies. If she realizes that using your name can prevent her from punishment, why not lie about you.

Your Stepdaughter Might Lie About You Because of Hate

If your stepdaughter is not happy with your union, she will tend to hate you. To her, you can be a source of stress. Or maybe she believes you contributed to her parents’ separation in case the other party is still alive. Because of her hate towards you, she will look for a way to punish you. Your stepdaughter might resort to lying about you as payback and also to make other people hate you. Hatred can make her say unimaginable things about you, and in the end, she will be happy her lies paid off.


If your stepdaughter lies about you, she might be out for a mission. Talk with your spouse to know what you can do about it and, if possible, make her stop lying about you. The common reasons why she might lie about you is to hurt or attract your attention. Sometimes hatred can force your stepdaughter to lie about you but remember to act smart to avoid confrontations.

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