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Why Does My Sister Give Me Anxiety?

    It is impossible to have a sibling in the house and fail to go through sibling rivalry. You often compete in doing chores at home. You get into fights as you grow, and other hosts of things. It is never a great experience. And as you grow up into a mature person, you hope that you will never experience that again. You feel like you have all grown up, and therefore you don’t expect even your sister to act short of that.

    While some siblings mature up when they have their own lives, some do not. They will do anything to ensure that they put you where you deserve to be, at least according to them. And that is a level of inferiority. And this can trouble the unsuspecting you.

    For instance, how do you feel when you are around your sister? Do you enjoy your moments during get-togethers, or do you wish you were able to disappear into thin air? that is not a sign of a healthy relationship at all.

    It isn’t easy to understand our feelings sometimes. But you are privileged to get access to the answers you need if you are in this state. This article will not only tell you what you partially know; it will also give you solutions to your problem. It is worth every second. 

    Signs That You Are Anxious

    Before you get into the reason behind your feeling of anxiety, it will be best to confirm your claim. Here are some of the signs that people who have anxiety show. There are many signs, but this article only covers the fundamental symptoms.

    You May Have Tension

    If you are anxious about your sister, you will feel tension springing up from your heart upon hearing her name. You will also experience tension build-up when you meet together in your house or during family reunions.

    Your heart starts to beat a lot faster than usual. The same with your breath too. It is a tough time for your body since you are under stress and pressure.

    Out of Your Body

    When you are experiencing anxiety, it is not relatively easy for you to concentrate. Whether it be at the family dinner table or any other place where people are chatting, you will switch off. Your body is present, but your mind and thoughts take you out for a walk. You are not able to engage in any conversation without thinking about your sister.

    Why Do You Get Anxious?

    Many theories can try to explain why your sister makes you anxious. Check out the ones covered in this article and see if they apply to your case. Later in this article, you will learn how to handle the triggers.

    Your Childhood Experiences

    Some events take place during childhood that often have an impact on you as long as you live. You view people differently and even associate with them differently. That is because you learn a lot when you are still a child.

    Did your sister beat you up? That could be a cause. Many young siblings end up bullied by their older siblings. Maybe your parents may notice it but stay numb about it. Your sister probably got away with it, and you have stored it up till now.

    Low Self-Esteem

    What you think of yourself and how you perceive yourself to be is very important. The reason is that self-esteem has a bearing on how you relate with people around you. If you view yourself as a loser in life, that is what your mind will take in and channel to you.

    Your sister may be more successful than you are in many aspects of life. She could be more learned, more wealthy, or she could have a perfect family, which you do not have. As a result, you may view yourself as a failure in life.

    Your sister may have nothing against you. In fact, in most cases, she could be very innocent. But the fact that you consider yourself her inferior will most probably trigger your anxiety.

    How to Deal With It

    It does not matter whose fault it is that you are going through this experience. The fundamental thing is feeding your mind with positive thoughts about your life and your family members. You can only live life with satisfaction if you are satisfied with being yourself.

    Do not cling to the past. Whatever your sister did, that is long gone. Focus on making good memories with her now that you are old.

    On the other hand, if your sister is torturing you emotionally right now, sit her down. Tell her that you do not like it when she does that. If you are not successful in talking to her, talk to your parents about it.

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