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Why Does My Sister Get More Attention Than Me?

    In a family, you may find parents favoring one sibling over the other. However, this does not mean that their love for other children is less. They are only paying more attention to that particular one for various reasons.

    But does this kind of relationship in a family have any consequences? Is there a healthy way of dealing with this? If you want to learn more about this topic, ensure that you read the information in this article to the end. The post has valuable information that will help to understand more about this subject, including ways of handling the situation.

    Signs That Your Sibling Is Getting More Attention Than Others 

    There are many signs to show that your parents are paying more attention to your sibling than you. One of these is taking sides. When your parent is always siding with your sibling, it is a sign she is your parent’s favorite.

    Another sign is when your parents make a comparison between you and your sibling. A good example is when there is a visitor in your home, and all they talk about is your sister and not you. It shows that they are more concerned about her and not you.

    When parents are always checking on your sister than on you, it also shows where their attention is. If your parents are more attached to your sibling than they are to you, then it is a sign that they are paying more attention to your sibling than you.

    Why Your Sibling Is Getting More Attention Than Others 

    There are various reasons why parents may favor one child over the other. One major reason is that one child may be having a personality or behavior problem that may necessitate specialized attention. Note that in a family, children are born with different emotional, psychological, and physical needs. Some of these needs may require parents to pay close attention. 

    Age may also be another factor for a parent to pay attention to one child over the others. A young sibling also seems to get more attention in the family more than the older ones. Since he or she is still young, she may need more support than the older ones.   

    Does Paying Attention to One Child Hurt Others?

    While there are justifiable reasons for one child receiving more attention than others, this may hurt other children. There is nothing more painful than having to work hard in order to get parental affection.

    The less favored children who struggle to receive parental affection feel unmotivated and defeated. Such children may also go through depression and become bitter, resentful, and jealous. The worst part is that they may begin to engage in inappropriate behaviors.

    What Are the Long-Term Implications?

    While paying more attention to one child may not signify that you don’t love the others, it may seem so. This kind of affection can make the other children start feeling that they are not loved. 

    Note that if you grow up feeling that your sister is getting more attention from your parents than you, then you might feel the same in adult life. That feeling won’t just go away because you are a grown-up. It is a psychological problem that may leave a lasting impact on your life.

    Also, feeling neglected results in a dependent outlook on life. The neglected children may grow up, feeling that they don’t need anyone in their lives. Though feeling independent may be a good thing, this kind of perception of life is likely to lead to isolation.

    How to Handle the Situation

    If you feel neglected, then you need to take time and talk to your parents about it. Let them know that not paying attention to you is hurting your feelings. Maybe they are doing this without realizing the impact it has on you. Talking to them about how you feel may help turn things around.

    Sometimes approaching your parents about this may be difficult. In this case, you need to look for a person you trust to intervene on your behalf. It should be an individual that your parents respect and trust. Involving such a person may increase the chances of your parents listening to him or her.


    Paying more attention to one child and neglecting the others should not be normalized. Regardless of the reasons, playing favoritism should not be something to take lightly. In other words, it is not a good joke. This kind of relationship in a family has serious consequences even when the children’s adult life.

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