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Why Does My Sister Get Mad So Easily?

    Through childhood games, laughter, tears, and even through adulthood, your siblings continue to hold a special and irreplaceable place in your hearts. For this reason, dealing with a sibling who’s short-tempered may prove quite challenging. This is regardless of whether you are both adults or she is your younger sibling. The strained bond caused by her anger issues is likely to affect the entire family. Figuring out why she gets mad is the best way to solve your issues and make peace. Read on to learn the causes of her high irritability and how to deal with her.

    Why Does Your Sister Get Mad Easily?

    You expect your sister to be among the calmest and most understanding people around you. However, you may have a sister who gets mad even over the smallest issues. Some of the factors that may trigger her temperamental character include;

    She Is Going Through a Tough Time

    Your sister could be undergoing a tough situation that she has no idea how to overcome. Rather than opening up about the situation, she may prefer to keep to herself until it all passes away. Therefore, the battle waging within may trigger the tendency to easily get angry at those close to them.

    You Have Triggered Her Anger

    As her sibling, you may do something or make a statement that angered her. It may be harder to approach the family and point out their negative actions or words that one found offensive. One of your family members or even yourself may have done something or made a passive statement that triggered her behavior.

    She Is Jealous

    At times, jealous sparks among siblings. This is regardless of whether she is your elder sister or a younger one. Her jealousy may stem from parental attention, especially when she feels like your parents favor you more. A stable social life, such as a good relationship or marriage, may make her jealous. Lastly, being a lady, she is highly conscious of her looks and her body. Overtaking her in such areas may, therefore, cause the jealous and angry character.

    She Is an Overly Toxic Person

    Has the behavior been reported by anyone else except by your family members? If she exhibits anger issues even at school or at work, then that is her character. This is even more evident when she does not have a social circle of friends.

    How to Deal with a Sister Who Easily Gets Mad

    It is not easy living under the same roof with a person who constantly displays anger issues.  Unresolved anger can permanently cause a rift between you and your sister. Worse still, this discord may spread even to your kids. Here’s how to deal with a sister who easily loses it;

    Do Not Take It Personally

    This may just be her strategy of getting things done for her. It may be her venting, her temper tantrums to have her demands met. The only problem with this is that she will permanently resolve it as a strategy when given attention with time. Secondly, her anger may have nothing to do with you. It could be that she is too stressed up to handle things soberly.

    Talk to Her

    The best time to do this is when you sense that she has calmed down. Approach her with a lot of love and encourage her to open up. Let her know that you are there to listen to her and support her where need be. Being your sister, she should have no fear of being judged, and as such, she may easily open up about all that is cooking within.

    Help Her Resolve Her Anger Issues

    If your sister is willing, bring her anger to her awareness. Let her acknowledge that she has an anger issue. Talk through issues that may be weighing her down. Where possible, help them get professional help through anger management classes.

    Do Not Put Up with the Behavior

    In case you try talking to her, and she does not respond positively, it is time for you to set boundaries. Instead of putting up with her anger and risking being on the receiving end of her temper tantrums, walk out. Avoid her for as long as she is angry, and hopefully, she will learn from her mistake and make amends.


    When someone is always angry, their anger is likely from personal issues, disappointments, or heartbreaks. Ensure that you maintain your calm to avoid escalating an already bad situation. You need to be emotionally intelligent to handle your sister and help her to control her anger.

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