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Why Does My Grandpa Not Like Me?

    Does your grandfather loathe you such that he cannot bear to be in the same room as you? Frankly, it may not be that he hates you. Rather, it could just be their personality at play. But if you are the very sensitive type, then it’s understandable if you feel they dislike you. Another thing is as people grow older, they develop a short fuse. They can become quickly short-tempered and angry if they see you that you are too loud, disruptive, or any of those other things that interfere with their peace of mind.

    Remember, also, that your world and that of your grandfather are vastly different. The world of mobiles, smart TVs, and efficient vehicles is recent, while they grew up in hardship and rigid rules. While you may interpret his reaction as hate, he may see it as a discipline, depending on the circumstances. If you ask your parents, he may have been a regular recipient of beatings while growing up. But that does not imply your granddad loved him any less.

    Could There Be Concrete Reason Your Grandpa Dislikes You

    It may greatly irritate you if your granddad tends to criticize your every move and action around the home. And you would conclude that they dislike you. But how is your history at home? Have you done things to make him unsure of your next step? If you have had any disciplinary issues, your grandpa may be at the end of their tether. But then, come to think of it, your choice of music, your sense of humor, and even TV programs or choice of friends might not be his favorite cup of tea. And that makes him so worked up. The issue here is that he doesn’t dislike you as an individual, but he dislikes your choices.

    It Might Just Be Your Grandpa’s Personality to Like People Less

    People are never the same. Some are less compassionate, and you cannot change the way they treat you. In this case, even if your grandpa is not emotionally or verbally abusive, he might merely be indifferent to your needs. It’s up to you to take the cue and see how you fit in their space. If not, then do not force it. Nothing will happen to you because your grandpa doesn’t reciprocate your love and care. 

    If you still need their guidance and support, which is not forthcoming, talk to your parents. They can fill the gap. In the absence of these figures, work with a friendly adult such as your uncle. The good news is there is never a shortage of people who are always ready to help if your grandpa can not offer the support you need.

    Why You Should Speak to Your Grandpa About Your Concerns

    The only person who can solve the puzzle is your grandpa. Assuming he has some bit of empathy in his veins, he will listen to you. So, sit him down and gently air your fears to him. With utmost humility, ask if there is anything that amiss and if you can make any amends. Your granddad will probably be glad to see that you are willing to retrace your steps and improve your relationship with him. As an elder, he understands where you are coming from and will want you to follow only the right path. Once he points out your issues, if any, promise to change.

    You Can Keep Your Distance from Your Grandpa

    If your grandpa’s interaction continues to breed negative energies, you do not have to be around him anymore. There is no reason at all, unless necessary, to be where you are unwanted. Assuming you are residing with him, then you may have to move away. Various options abound. For example, if you can also not live with your parents, then hibernate with friends or relatives until you find a permanent solution to your living arrangements.

    As your granddad ages, the likelihood of their short temper over flimsy stuff is high. It’s natural, and mostly because their brain function is also changing. You must learn to understand this and tolerate them. Again, while you assume they dislike you, it may just be that their parenting style is different because they grew up in different eras.

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