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Why Does My Grandma Talk in Her Sleep?

    Sleep is paramount to all people for healthy living. However, it is more important to some vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, or somebody who is unwell. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that these vulnerable groups sleep for the recommendable hours each night. Unfortunately, as much as sleep is vital to the elderly, they are likely to have a sleeping disorder. This is the reason why your grandma will talk in her sleep. This and other sleep disorders will affect their sleep quality, which could result in other health problems. Below is more information on why your grandma talks in her sleep and how you can resolve the issue.

    Why Does Your Grandma Talk in Her Sleep?

    As mentioned above, sleeping disorders are common in older adults, and sleep talking is of no exemption. Sleep talking is a condition called somniloquy. More often than not, it does not indicate the presence of any medical condition. However, with the elderly, somniloquy may indicate that there is another underlying condition. For this reason, when you realize that your grandma is talking in her sleep, observe her for a while, and seek medical attention if she seems to have a problem. 

    Ideally, it is assumed that sleep talking happens when your grandma is dreaming. However, scientists say that it can happen at any stage of sleep when she is not dreaming.

    What Causes Sleep Talking?

    Ideally, there is no definite cause of sleep talking. The condition occurs on its own, and in this case, it is harmless. In other cases, somniloquy is a sign of another underlying condition. For instance, your grandmother talking in her sleep may indicate that she suffers from sleep terror or Rapid Eye Movements (REM) sleep behavior disorder. When sleep terror is the reason for the sleeping disorder, it is often accompanied by other signs such as kicking, screaming, and thrashing. 

    On the other hand, when she has REM sleep behavior disorder, she will act out her dreams, especially in violent ways. Other reasons why your grandma is sleep talking are such as fever, emotional stress, and a mental health disorder. Additionally, sleep talking maybe as a result of substance abuse or specific medication.

    How Can You Help Your Grandma Stop Talking in Her Sleep?

    Since sleep talking is not a severe sleeping disorder, you can opt for home remedies. One of the most recommendable ways of avoiding sleep talking is reducing stress. Figure out some of the issues that stress your grandmother and try to solve them. You can know this by listening to what she talks about in her sleep. Additionally, if you are close to her, talk to her, and find out her problems.

    When Should You Seek Medical Help?

    Seek medical help if your grandma continues to talk in her sleep for more than two weeks. Additionally, talk to a doctor if your grandmother gets violent in her sleep talking. You should note issues before taking your grandma to a sleep specialist for sleep talking. For instance, figure out all the medicines that she is taking. Have a record of what time she sleeps and the amount of time that she spends asleep. This will help you answer some of the questions that the doctor will ask you for better treatment.

    What Is the Treatment for Sleep Talking?

    If your grandma is talking in her sleep worries you, it is possible to seek treatment for the condition. Additionally, even if the condition does not worry you, it is advisable to seek medical help and rule out any underlying conditions. A sleep-specialist will start their diagnosis by asking you how long your grandma has talked in her sleep and how it happens. Additionally, they will ask whether she is taking any drugs, which may cause the condition. After making such inquiries, it is easier to know the best treatment method for your grandma. 

    In case there are signs of another sleeping disorder, the doctor may perform other tests such as sleep recording. This will help them identify another sleeping disorder and figure out what to do about it.


    Having your grandma talk in her sleep may seem funny at first. However, when this continues for a while or even gets violent when sleep talking, what was once funny becomes scary. Use the information above to explain why your grandma is talking in her sleep and how you help her enjoy sleep without such disorders.

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