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Why Does My Grandma Stare at Me?

    Staring can sometimes be a social problem. Some people feel uneasy or uncomfortable if someone stares at them. Moving eyes and tracking with them frequently is considered the normal way of looking at someone. So, when a person does the opposite whereby he or she looks at you with reduced eye movement, then it becomes a problem.

    Staring is a common habit among aging people. They have trouble moving their eyes in a usual manner. You must be wondering if the staring is normal and asking yourself why they stare at people. Well, if you want to understand more about this subject, you should continue reading this article.

    Is Staring Normal or a Medical Condition?

    Staring can be normal or a medical condition. Note that a person may stare because he or she is bored. In this case, it should not be a concern. At the same time, it could because of a medical condition that is yet to be known. 

    You, therefore, need to visit a doctor to do a medical evaluation. A specialist is in a better position to determine if there is an underlying health condition that may necessitate medical attention.

    Should You Tell Them to Stop Staring?

    Staring among the elderly, in most cases, is an unconscious reaction. It happens without them noticing that they are doing it. The cause of the behavior may be conditions beyond their control. So, telling them to stop staring may not work.

    What you should do is to find out the root cause of the behavior. Sometimes the cause of staring is because of a health condition that may warrant medical attention to end or control it. A medical specialist is in a better position to diagnose to determine the cause of staring. Only then can he or she prescribe the right medication or treatment to contain the issue.

    Why Do Older People Stare?

    The majority of elderly people experience mental lapses, which are presented by a number of symptoms. One of those signs is staring for long periods. So, if you see an elderly staring at something or someone for a long time, he or she could be suffering from this condition.

    Another reason for staring could be because they are bored. When people get older, their information processing ability decreases, and so they have nothing to do. In this case, they might need something to occupy their time. When this is missing, they just stare at people or in space.

    How to Help the Elderly to Stop Staring

    Depending on the cause of staring, there are various interventions to curb the condition. For instance, if the cause of staring is boredom, then you need to keep the person occupied with some activities to make them active.

    Another best intervention is to engage the person in a conversation. In other words, try talking with the person about something to occupy their mind. Doing this will prevent them from staring.

    Diagnosis and Treatment

    Some of the conditions that lead to staring can be manageable or treatable. All you need to do is ensure that the diagnosis and treatment are carried out accurately and early enough. However, there is usually no specific treatment for staring. The diagnosis and treatment vary depending on the cause of the condition.

    Unfortunately, some conditions that cause staring have no treatment. In this case, the doctor will try to treat symptoms to improve an individual’s quality of life and make the person comfortable.


    Some people may not consider staring a concern. But there are those who feel uneasy when someone stares at them. Whichever way you take it, you need to be understanding when you are around an aging person.

    Old individuals go through a lot of changes that interfere with many aspects of their lives. The changes include emotional, physical, psychological, social, and mental. Some of these are intertwined, so the moment one aspect undergoes changes, it is likely to affect another.

    It is, therefore, crucial to understand the elderly and the kind of changes they are undergoing. It would be symbiotically beneficial if you made their lives comfortable by helping them to navigate through the changes.

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