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Why Does My Grandma Cry So Much?

Seniors are prone to crying due to various reasons. For example, loneliness could be why your grandmother can’t help shedding tears. Experts state that social isolation among the elderly is closely linked to dementia, depression, and insomnia. A physician can also rule out high blood pressure or declining functionality; because the accompanying pain and frustration can make your grandma cry a lot. 

Say, it is loneliness causing all the trouble. Being around your grandma frequently can eliminate those depressive tendencies that mostly contribute to crying. Unfortunately, if she is based in a home for the aged, this type of support may not be immediately available. Due to distance and other logistical issues, you may see your grandma just once or even less weekly. Still, they can benefit from regular calls and emails to help them feel as if they were close to you. Here is a detailed explanation of why your grandma may be crying a lot.

Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease Can Contribute to Crying Spells

It is hard to isolate dementia /Alzheimer’s due to your grandma’s advancing years. And experts also indicate that depression is so common among patients with these illnesses. Some of the signs to check out is if they are feeling sad and hopeless. But the primary indication is that they keep crying. You can also see they are agitated over nothing. Some people have suicidal thoughts, and only a physician can rule out anything sinister and recommend the best support. 

Is Your Grandmas Withdrawal From Social Activities Causing Trouble?

If indeed your grandma has Alzheimer’s / dementia, then the tendency to withdraw from their social circle is typical. Maybe they feel anxious and cannot handle social interaction anymore. Perhaps it’s just too much for them, or they feel somehow different or sick. However, withdrawal can also be counteractive, as they may then decide to spend most of their quality time in bed or the couch. Mostly they will abandon any active routine and try to keep to themselves. This is a new part of their life that makes them deeply sad, leading to crying.

Could They Recall Things That Make Them Sad

Assuming your grandma has dementia/Alzheimer’s, sadness may be part of their daily life now. Petty things affect the part of the brain, which is responsible for emotions. Also, as they recall the past and sad events, they easily get emotional, resulting in more and more crying. Your grandma may also be feeling so deplorable frequently because they are worried about their declining health, and it is as if they have no control over the situation.

Different Ways You Can Help Your Grandma

It may not be easy to prevent your grandma’s underlying conditions. But you can help them find comfort in their present circumstances. For example, ensure they eat healthily with a balanced diet. Let them engage in appropriate, gentle exercises for their age and physical predisposition. Does your grandma also get confused about things? Experts advise you don’t quickly jump in to correct them. This can make them either irritable or frightened, and it could lead to more crying spells.

The likelihood that your grandma is depressed, hence the crying, is often relatively high. Hence, try and find something your grandma enjoys doing and actively engage them. Find their favorite food or even smell. Going out of your way to do things they like can calm them, allowing them to be their usual selves. Research also shows that particular music, your grandma’s favorite pet, can bring them back to normalcy. Please find time to talk about stuff, especially positive life events or hobbies with them, creating a new spark. 

Of course, you may not realize that there is more to your grandma’s crying. The best thing is to have them checked out by their doctor. Then, offer them love, care, and a shoulder to cry on. The more your grandma realizes your availability, the more they are secure and feel truly loved. If they are in a care home, make your visits regular. Call or email them if you cannot make the distance. Years fly by so quickly, and sooner or later, they may not be here. So the time you make for them may be so worthwhile to both of you.

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