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Why Does My Grandma Burp So Much?

Burping is your body’s mechanism of expelling excess air from the lower or upper part of the gut. The gas that passes through your mouth contains oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.  Belching occurs when gas is trapped or produced within your upper digestive tract.

Though burping is normal, it may be considered a sign of an underlying disease if it occurs frequently. Some of these illnesses are more prone to occur in older people.  It is potentially life-saving to seek medical attention if your grandma burps so much.

What Causes Your Grandma to Burp So Much?

Sometimes excessive belching can be irritating and embarrassing. If your grandmother burps inordinately, it can be due to swallowing too much air. This air gets trapped in the upper gut and induces burping.  Eating while talking, chewing gum, and cigarette smoking are common causes of aerophagia or air swallowing.

Consuming certain foods and drinks can lead to a surge in gas production. Too much gas in the upper and lower gut gives rise to burping. Certain foods like beans, cabbage, or whole-grain legumes can cause your grandma to belch.

Your grandma may be having a gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) issue. A majority of people who have GERD burp more frequently. This is because the sphincter muscle becomes weak and allows stomach acid to pass into the esophagus.

Is Your Grandma’s Foul-Smelling Burp Normal?

Ordinarily, burping does not produce a foul smell. This is because the food in the upper gut is not fermented.  It is worrisome if your grandmother’s belching has an unusually unpleasant smell.

Foul-smelling burping can be a sign of an underlying issue. Symptoms of heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and feeling full quickly can indicate that your grandma has gastroparesis. It could also signal the presence of other conditions like gastric outlet obstruction and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

However, unpleasant burping can also come from the throat or lungs in the instance where the lungs have an ulcer.

What to Expect if Your Grandma Burps So Much

Sometimes belching is accompanied by symptoms like abdominal pain. Your grandma may experience mild aches inside the belly during or after eating.

Heartburn may occur in seniors who belch excessively. Burping can make your grandma have a feeling of discomfort and burning in the upper chest.

Bloating is a common occurrence in older persons who burp so much. It can cause your grandma to experience a stuffed feeling. Excessive gas production can make your grandma’s belly feel swollen after ingesting food.

How Can Your Grandma Reduce Burping?

Eating and drinking slowly help to reduce burping. People who take the time to go through a meal are likely to swallow less air than those who rush through. Your grandma will benefit from taking small bites at a time and chewing slowly.

If your grandmother has dentures, ensure that they are appropriate. Ill fitted dentures can make it difficult for a senior to chew food, which may lead to swallowing of air.

Your grandma can reduce belching by taking a short walk after meals. Strolling also aids digestion by increasing body metabolism. Good digestion can help your grandma reduce burping.  

When to Worry About Your Grandma’s Excessive Burping

Belching is common in seniors, but it can be alarming if it happens frequently. Excessive burping can be uncontrollable and irritating.  It can lead to increased discomfort and even interfere with sleep and normal eating. It is worrisome if your grandma’s burping is accompanied by severe irritation.

Excessive belching can indicate an underlying disease in seniors. A majority of these symptoms are connected to food intolerance or defective movement of food in the digestive tract. You need to worry if your grandma experiences a sudden burning in the stomach lining of the digestive tract.


Belching is a natural way for gas to be expelled out of the body. Sometimes certain foods and drinks may contribute to excessive burping. However, people react differently to gassy foods. Burping can also be a sign of an underlying disease, particularly in seniors.

If your grandma burps so much, or if the belching develops a foul odor, you may need to seek expert advice. Your grandma will be expected to change some lifestyle aspects like diet to reduce burping.  Losing weight and medication can also help to reduce the discomforts that accompany excessive gas production and burping.

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