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Why Does My Grandma Annoy Me?

    Your grandma is a wonderful and homely extension of parenthood. If you have her around when growing up, you experience more love and care in addition to what your parents offer. However, as much as grandmas are indispensable people in your life, they may become annoying as they grow older. Ideally, when somebody starts annoying you, you break ties with them. However, no matter how annoying your grandma is, she is your family, and you are stuck with her. For this reason, as annoying as she is, you need to come up with ways of dealing with her without hurting her. 

    This is not a walk in the park but a situation that will present its unique challenges. Nevertheless, the results of having a solid relationship with your grandma are worth the trouble of coping with her. Read on for advice on how to handle the annoying grandma.

    Is It Wrong to Feel That Your Grandma Is Annoying?

    As your grandma grows older, her demands increase. Additionally, some of the demands that she has are probably illogical. This is mainly the reason why you feel that your grandma is annoying. It is normal to feel guilty when you think that your grandma is annoying. However, as much as their age and condition are understandable, you are human too. This means that if they are too demanding and stubborn, you feel annoyed and hurt. Therefore, do not think that you are heartless when you feel that your grandma is annoying. Accepting that they are annoying the first step towards managing their annoying behavior and demands.

    How Do You Cope with Your Annoying Grandma?

    The best way to solve any problem is to first identify its source. For this reason, if you try to cope with your annoying grandma, start by identifying what makes her annoy you. Maybe she annoys you by either asking you to do something that you are not willing to or forcing you not to do what you wanted to do. Below are some of the ways through which you can cope with your annoying grandmother without causing differences between the two of you.

    Learn More About Them

    Your grandma is probably annoying you because your characters differ. Given your age difference, you are not likely to have similar characters and interests. At this point, you are the one who is more flexible to adjust your character as compared to your grandma. Therefore, understand your grandma’s likes and preferences and strive to cope with her. Avoid doing what they hate when they are around. Additionally, spend time together doing what they love doing. This way, you will avoid most of the situations when they annoy you.

    Limit the Time You Spend Together

    The more time you spend with your grandma, the higher the chances of them annoying you. Therefore, by minimizing the time you spend together, you limit their chances of annoying you. If your grandmother lives with you, ask somebody else to spend time with her as you allow yourself some time to take a break. On the other hand, if you do not live together, limit the times you visit her. In case she is the one visiting you, engage in other activities to avoid spending time with her. However, as you strive to avoid your grandma, do not do it vividly that she realizes what you are doing. If your grandma notices that you are avoiding her, this will cause more harm than good.

    Find Out Whether You Are the Reason She Annoys You

    When your grandma annoys you, the first thought that comes to mind is that she is unreasonable. However, you may be the reason why she is annoying you. Therefore, before you blame her, evaluate yourself, and find out whether you are the one being unreasonable. For instance, maybe you are playing your music too loud, and she yells at you for loud music. This and other habits will make your grandma mad at you, and as a result, she annoys you. Assess yourself, and if you are the reason she annoys you, change your behavior, and create peace.


    Grandparents are not always as perfect as they try to be. In some cases, you may find that as much as your grandma loves spending time with you, she annoys you a lot. It is best to learn how to live with your grandmother without causing differences between the two of you, even if she seems unbearable.

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