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Why Does My Grandma Act Like a Child?

    Has it suddenly dawned on your grandma, acting more like a child and not in a delightful way? Leave alone the playful youngish traits, no. They now have problematic habits such as less care for personal hygiene. For example, they do not want to shower or clean up after themselves. Perhaps they are talking to themselves more than they would to other people around them. Maybe they are now using language more closely associated with a typical five or six-year-old, and all this is freaking you out.

    One of the primary reasons could be what is known as adult regression. Your grandma might be in the initial stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. But only a  professional can diagnose them correctly. Still, you can take a few personal initiatives to help them.

    What to Do to Help Your Grandmother

    Frankly, your grandma is now aging, and they do not have the physical stamina they previously had to do things. But what if the situation looks serious, such that they are acting strangely every waking moment? Then the best option would be to look up social services. Write down, and explain each of the personality changes you have noticed. This helps the specialist to rule out any underlying psychological conditions. A mental evaluation can certainly determine if your grandma is fine, or they urgently need medical care.

    How to Approach Social Services for Your Grandma?

    When you make the department’s initial contact, ask to speak to a specialist who handles adult services. A professional who handles older patients will undoubtedly ask for relevant information regarding your relative’s situation. Let them know your grandma’s current fragility and that

    you have come out due to your concern for them. At this point, you should also have noted the various incidents where they have acted out of the ordinary, making it cause for concern.

    Convince Your Grandma That They Need Help 

    Your grandma’s childish behavior can be frustrating, and you would want to avoid incidences that question their sanity. But now is the time to focus and care for them. Also, even if your grandma abhors professional intervention, convince them of the need to get help since you are worried about their personality change. Of course, they might brush you off and tell you they are fine. But you know that is not true, so gently ask them to see their doctor. Let her also understand that no one will force her into a retirement home against her wish.

    Why You Should Not Be Scared to Seek Social Services Support

    Despite the few unflattering reports about the social service department, most of the personnel have critical training to handle delicate cases like your grandma. As experts in their area of specialization, they can provide only the most useful advice on how to handle grandma. For example, they may suggest she sees her doctor if they suspect there is a medical problem. The last thing the specialist would do is to budge into your home and attempt to take your grandma away without your/ their permission. You can also be sure that they won’t even visit if your grandmother doesn’t want to see or speak to them.

    As your first point of call, social services won’t go against any of your wills. Instead, they are readily available and convenient in offering your grandma the right and timely help.  For example, they will provide exhaustive ideas on how you can support and care for your relative at home if the specialist suspects an issue that requires close supervision.

    There is a wide range of weird behavior associated with aging grandparents. It includes the inability to fully comprehend what is going on around them, being overwhelmed with stuff, and maybe frightened. It may be a rough journey for both of you. But it would help if you understood that she now can’t help the way she is acting. Regardless of deeply frustrating everything is, do not hold it against her. Most probably, she is experiencing short-term memory, which is so tricky. The good news is that you can work ever so closely with specialists, who can advise on the best way to handle her.

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