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Why Does My Brother’s Room Smell?

    Besides being untidy, it is typical for a teenage boy’s room to have a bad smell.  A majority of adolescents tend to have little regard for hygiene and often need to be reminded to take a shower. Even so, mold spores and lack of proper ventilation can also cause a boy’s room to have a foul smell.

    Sometimes, a boy’s room may remain smelly even after it has been cleaned. There is always a strange odor that sticks on clothes and lingers in the air. This irritating smell defies the effort of dehumidifiers to bring freshness to the room.

    What Causes Your Brother’s Room to Smell?

    Teenagers lead active lives and like to engage in high energy activities. The offensive smell of sweaty clothes and bags mingles with the air inside your brother’s room to produce a stench.

    Body odor in boys often occurs when the body experiences increased hormonal activity during puberty. This unpleasant smell is a result of a chemical reaction between sweat and bacteria that live on the skin.  Body odor is produced when bacteria break down the protein into certain acids.

    Consuming foods like onion, herbs, curry, and garlic contributes to body odor.  The sulfur-like compounds in these foods are quickly broken down after ingestion. The substances released stick in body pores for more than one day. This reaction causes bacteria to mix with sweat to produce an unpleasant smell.

    How Can You Reduce the Unpleasant Smell in Your Brother’s Room?

    Although body odor is a natural development stage in a teenage boy’s life, it can be alleviated by good hygiene. Proper washing of clothes and bedding can help reduce the smell in your sibling’s room. It is also effective for your brother to use stronger detergents as opposed to mild ones. Proper ventilation is an effective way to get rid of the foul smell in your sibling’s room.

    Encouraging your brother to take frequent showers and to change clothes often can reduce offensive odor in your sibling’s room. It is good to use antibacterial soaps and strong antiperspirants.   

    Changing the diet to exclude foods that produce sulfur-like compounds can help reduce smelly odor. Alcohol and drinks that contain caffeine can make your brother sweat more.

    Why Is Your Brother Unaware About the Smelly Room?

    It is the lack of sensitivity to smell that makes your sibling unaware of the stinky room. Though adults have a strong and developed sense of smell, adolescents find it difficult to pick up an unpleasant odor. A majority of young boys cannot smell strong odors like garlic, onion, smoke, and other foul smells.

    It is usual for teenage boys not to realize when growth hormones start wreaking havoc under their skin and armpits. This lack of awareness may cause your brother to become accustomed to the offensive odor.

    When Will Your Brother’s Room Stop Smelling?

    Body odor is one of the earliest chemical signals that allow human beings to recognize sexual maturity. The unpleasant smell is more during puberty when your sibling’s body starts to change.

    Between the ages of 12 and 16, your brother will experience a lowered voice and strong body odor. By the end of puberty, your sibling’s offensive smell will normalize.

    When Should You Seek Help About Your Brother’s Body Odor?

    Body odor is a natural stage in human growth, but sometimes, an unpleasant smell can be an indication of concealed health problems. You need to worry if your brother’s room starts to smell before age eight or if your sibling experiences extreme perspiration.

    Everyone has a distinct body odor, which can be nice or unpleasant. A sudden change in the smell of your brother’s body odor may be a sign of an underlying issue.  Let your sibling consult an expert if the body odor develops an unusual smell.


    The unpleasant smell can cause your brother’s room to smell. Body odor will linger on clothes and bedding unless washed in strong detergents. Though your brother’s room may be cleaned, the sweaty clothes and bags can make the room smell. However, this irritating smell can be reduced by frequently airing the bedding and ventilating the room. It also helps if your brother takes showers after vigorous exercise and before going to bed.

    Sometimes, unpleasant body odor can change suddenly due to the environment, medication, or rise in hormonal levels. If this change persists, it may be a sign of a more serious problem, and your brother should seek expert advice. 

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