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Why Does My Brother Want Me to Die?

    The majority of siblings will confess to spending more time together than they do with their parents. Some brothers and sisters will get along without a fight, but the majority engage in squabbles and bickering.  These acts are intended to undermine the confidence of the weaker sibling.

    Sometimes this behavior develops into a twisted hatred that can lead to severe physiological damage. Some siblings carry the hurtful feelings way into adulthood.

    Reasons Your Brother Wants You Dead

    Your Older brother may want you to die because of family dynamics.  Some siblings are treated differently because of illness or special needs. Parents may also reinforce malicious behavior, which may affect how one sibling relates to another. 

    It is also possible that your brother wants you to die because of your unfair and bullying behavior. Stronger or older siblings tend to intimidate the weaker or younger ones through physical or verbal aggression.  

    How Do You Feel When Your Brother Wants You to Die?

    Anyone can be scared when faced with a death threat. You are bound to be stressed if your brother expresses a desire to see you die. 

    You can become restless and have trouble sleeping. With a death wish over your head, you may want to stay awake more out of fear.  This emotional and physical abuse can cause you not to have inner peace and comfort. 

    Your sibling’s wicked thoughts can cause you anxiety and depression. You can become uneasy about spending time with your brother. You can sometimes panic whenever you are alone with your brother.

    If your brother wants you to die, it may cause you to have unsettling thoughts that can fuel constant worry. This can lead to a lack of concentration or memory issues.

    Is It Your Fault That Your Brother Wants You Dead?

    It is not always your fault that your brother wants you to die. Sometimes it is because your brother thinks you are a hindrance or that you are bothersome. However, your actions can also trigger your brother’s desire for you to die.

    Extreme jealousy can also make your brother also want you to die.  Your sibling can show resentment because of your achievements and other advantages like age.  A green-eyed brother may want to intimidate or hurt you for no fault of your own.

    Dealing with a Brother Who Wants You to Die

    Involve your parents or an adult if you cannot resolve this situation by talking to your brother. It is essential to express how your brother’s threats against your life make you feel.

    Explain to your parents how your sibling expresses these sentiments. Your parents may not know the intensity of your squabbles because of busy work schedules. You need to let your parents know when your brother’s weird desire started and what may have triggered it.

    If your parents are unable to find a solution to your conflict, you may have to consult a professional for help.

    When to Seek Help if Your Brother Wants You to Die

    It is important to ask for expert help immediately when you sense that your brother may cause you physical harm. Sometimes the desire of a sibling to kill a brother or sister can become severe and turn aggressive. It is worrisome if you cannot defend yourself from your brother. You will need to involve your family or a professional who can help you.

    Siblings may express the desire to be in control by engaging in aggressive acts. However, you should not entertain your brother’s emotional and physical abuse. Do not hesitate to take action if your brother makes a deliberate effort to injure or hurt you.  If being in your brother’s company is a constant terror, you need to talk to a professional for advice. Your brother could be having a more serious issue.


    It is common for siblings to have conflicts that sometimes lead to physical fights. Sometimes this behavior develops into serious threats, and siblings start to desire each other’s death.  Extreme hatred can lead to emotional issues that last well into a sibling’s adulthood. It can also indicate that your brother has a mental issue that requires expert attention.

    Regular conflicts can make some siblings become estranged or lose trust with each other. Your brother’s selfish desire can affect your relationship with your parents. This is because you may blame your parents for letting your brother hurt you. However, it is crucial to let your parents know about your conflict and find a solution before the situation escalates.

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