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Why Does My Brother Turn Me On?

Having sexual attraction towards your brother is normal, especially for prime teenagers, but that does not limit older people. During teenage, your body goes through various changes. Your sexual feelings start taking effect, and you are attracted to your brother, and in turn, his presence and touch like a usual hug turns you on.

It’s not unusual to be turned on by your brother; you will need to have high self-control and avoid going much further to the act itself. You also need to know if your brother, who probably may be older than you, may not have the same feelings. Let’s look at what evokes sexual feelings towards your brother and how you can overcome them.

Are Sisters Turned on by Their Brothers?

Many romantic and passionate love cases show that a brother can turn on a sister. It can, and it’s happening to you already. One of the essential things you should understand is why that brotherly love has turned into a passionate and romantic love that is socially unacceptable. Denying what you feel towards your brother will not help you overcome it, and you even get hurt in the process.

Love from a brother and sister comes from the co-dependence of one another. As siblings, you go through many things together. During challenging situations, your brother has been the one you run for comfort; he makes you feel protected, loved and cared for every time he comes through. When your brother becomes your closest confidant, gives you security and support, you develop a need to be with him always. The similar passion between a man and a woman when you feel you need the other person more than anything. You begin to develop the feelings slowly, and with no time, you get physically attracted to him.  

Why Does Your Brother Sexually Attract you?

In psychology, there is something known as the Oedipus complex. Love and sexual attraction do not go to the opposite parent but to the opposite brother or sister.  For your case, maybe your brother takes the role of parenting you and other siblings if you have any. He is the one you look up to. You are likely to see your brother in a reflection of a paternal figure. If you have fallen for him, it could be a brother complex. Think of what you feel for your brother, what makes him feel so close and unique that turns you on about him.

Mostly it’s about the psychological complex. You become obsessed with your brother. He’s always in your mind and you don’t have any attraction to other men. You only want to be with your brother. You can become jealous and hunger for his attention.

Genetic Sexual Attraction

Genetic sexual attraction happens when a brother and sister who lived separately or separated by adoption meet for the first time as adults. Both of them can have an intense interest in each other or happen to one of them. It can happen to a parent and a child too. If you and your brother lived apart all your life, then genetic sexual attraction could be why he is turning you on. As you bond and get to know each other more, you discover you have similar traits. The newly found sibling’s similarity and familiarity become an intense attraction, and it takes a passionate form. There is no scientific research on why some reunions experience genetic sexual attraction (GSA), and others don’t. Sometimes it can to both parties involved or to one person. How can you overcome your sexual feelings for your brother?

Get Some Distractions

Instead of focusing on your brother’s feelings, who may not reciprocate them, try and focus on other things. Have more male friends, find a friend you can confide your secrets to. It will help you to stop focusing your attention on your brother. Try to keep your distance until the feelings start fading. Sometimes they are just fantasies that erode with time.

A romantic relationship between siblings is unacceptable by law with harsh punishment when found guilty. It is not unusual to get turned by your brother, and it’s something you can’t fight because the more you fight, the more it becomes intense. Accept what you feel and look for ways to overcome them, which begins with self-control. Stop focusing too much on your brother, go out and meet new men. You will soon realize that it was just a phase and proud to overcome it.

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