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Why Does My Brother Think He’s Better Than Me?

    Is yours a brother from hell who thinks he is better than you and flaunts their self-important ways right in your face? There are different reasons a sibling would undermine and demoralize the other. Maybe he has far more friends than you do, and he thinks that is a big deal. Do your parents pay more attention to him more than they do you? Sometimes it could just be their narcissistic behavior at play. 

    The situation is both challenging and complicated because this person is family, and family sticks together no matter what. Sometimes it requires that you tolerate your brother even when he is outrightly condescending. But all is not lost. There is so much you can do to feel better and even improve your relations with your brother. Here is how.

    Become His Biggest Fan and Support Him Fully

    Perhaps there is an inkling of truth in what your sibling says? Could they be highly talented and top performers? Then you are better off supporting them all the way. Besides feeling better once you are on board, you may have so much to learn from your brother. Come to think of it, what would you benefit by holding a grudge?

    Instead, you can gain tremendously by admitting that yes, you are weaker, but you can grow and be as good or even better than they are. So, surprise him by offering sincere support and encourage his talent. At this point, take him as your teacher, and learn as much as you can from what makes him emerge tops. As your brother, he is mostly on your side. There is no way he can be on the opposing team, so take advantage of it.

    You Can Choose to Ignore Your Sibling

    If what your brother says and does irks you so much, it would be best to ignore him. It might not be worth your time and energy to keep listening to them if all you get is negative energy. The good thing is that the more you snub him, the more he realizes that he has no one to compare himself to and might now tone down his arrogance and chest-thumping. Although you might be tempted to put him down, it would be pointless. You already hate what he is doing, and undertaking the same would be reflecting the same trait you so much detest.

    You Can Call Him Out to Stop the Behavior

    Sometimes others may not realize their mistake until you voice your disaffection. Let your sibling know that whatever they keep saying to you hurts, and you do not like it. Maybe your brother does not grasp how much they have been belittling you, and they might apologize and promise to change. But if they decide to be defensive in any way, be firm and tell them you do not subscribe to their patronizing and pompous ways. 

    Most probably, they will reflect on it and treat you fairly in the future. Be careful, though, as a genuinely narcissistic individual never changes that quickly. And so, if they continue to demean you, you may need to let your family know about it. They could be the people to counsel both of you but also ensure the habit stops immediately.

    Be the Bigger Person and Include Him in Your Life

    Did you know that boastful people are inherently insecure? They get satisfaction by either picking on or putting you down. But you might tame your sibling by doing the opposite of what he does to you. Perhaps he has been hard on you because he envies you or wants to be included in things you do. By drawing him closer, you will have eliminated the bad energy.

    It is never fun if your very closest pushes you deep into unhealthy comparisons. Even if they do not realize how hurting it is, eventually, it might destroy your self-esteem. And so, it beggars you to gain all strength and stop your sibling from tormenting you with their superiority complex. There are so many ways to approach it. It all depends on what works for you at that particular time. For example, if you choose to show maturity by ignoring his behavior, he might get tired of it all, as now there is no one to quench his self-opinionated habits.

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