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Why Does My Brother Make Me Uncomfortable?

For various reasons, family relationships can take a different direction from the one you expect. For instance, there is usually a high expectation that family members, especially siblings, will have a close connection. Since they are brought up in the same environment and with the same parents, you expect the bond between them to be strong.

However, with some siblings, that is not usually the case. You will find some of them having a distance relationship. They don’t have that normal sibling relationship or bond. One of those things you are likely to hear or notice is one feeling uncomfortable when in the presence of the other. So, why is this so? And is there a way you can work through this? If you are looking for some answers regarding this topic, this is the article to read.

Is Feeling Uncomfortable Normal?

Feeling uncomfortable in the presence of a family member, especially your brother, may seem an unusual thing. In fact, since you are siblings, you should be buddies sharing a healthy family relationship. The only reason that can make you feel uncomfortable is when the two of you don’t have a good connection.

Reasons for Feeling Uncomfortable 

If your brother is making you feel uncomfortable, it may mean that there is no connection between the two of you. Otherwise, if you are siblings, living under one roof and raised together, nothing should stop you from connecting. So, maybe the lack of connection is what is making you feel uncomfortable with your brother around.

If you had a bad relationship with your brother when you were growing up, you might develop some distrust level when he is around you. His presence may make you anxious and nervous, and that is why you are feeling uncomfortable.

Sometimes, siblings don’t grow up together for various reasons, and only come to live with each other when they are old. So, maybe you didn’t grow up with your brother, and you feel like he is a stranger to you. Being in the presence of a person you barely know may make you a bit uncomfortable until you get to know that person.

Things That May Make You Uncomfortable

Inappropriate words and actions can make one feel uneasy around someone. Things one speaks, or the behaviors he exhibits, can influence your feelings. So, you may be feeling uncomfortable around your brother because of what he says to you. Also, he could be exhibiting inappropriate behavior that is making you uneasy. For instance, staring is something that can possibly make you uncomfortable.

Dealing with the Situation

Sometimes a brother can be careless and may do something without realizing that his actions make you feel uneasy. If it is nothing serious and he seems to be reasonable, then you can talk to him and together address the issue. Let him understand that his actions are making you uncomfortable.

However, if he happens to be someone without remorse, then there is no harm in letting your parents know what is going on. Your parents have the responsibility of ensuring your well-being, and so, they have a right to know what is going on.

Other Possible Considerations

It may be possible that it is not your brother who is making you uncomfortable. Maybe you are just paranoid. Sometimes, your internal feelings are the ones making you feel that way. They can control how a person acts, believe, and think.

 In other words, when you start believing that other people are making you feel things, it could just be part of victimhood. And this could be what keeps you at the mercy of what the other person is saying, think, or do.

It is, therefore, vital that you step up and deal with your feelings like your own. Remember to also express your inner feelings when doing this. It will give you room to process what it is that you are feeling inside. In other words, you should take the action of evaluating yourself to be able to address your inner feelings.


Family relationships are meaningful not just between siblings but between parents and children. So, if there is no strong bond or connection between family members, it weakens that relationship. If there are issues between family members, it is crucial to work them out to keep the family together.

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