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Why Does My Brother Lie So Much?

    Lying is among the most common socially unacceptable habits. Unfortunately, lying has become so casual that it seems to be socially acceptable now. However, as much as lying is an increased habit among people, it is least expected in people from the same family. This is because members of the same family have nothing to hide from each other. Additionally, honesty is necessary for a family set up to help ensure that everything goes on well.

    For this reason, it is inconvenient when one of you in the family, such as your brother, is always lying. He can lie about something that he did or that he failed to do. On the other hand, he could tell a lie about you or someone else in the family. This could lead you to trouble, especially if nobody else realizes that he is lying. Since living with such a brother is tricky, here is information to help you know how to go about it.

    Why Does My Brother Lie?

    Several reasons could make your brother lie. Among the primary reasons for lying is fear. They fear they may be getting into trouble with your parents for lying. Therefore, they make up a lie to cover up what they did or did not do. In other cases, your brother will lie when they are trying to manipulate somebody. For instance, maybe they want something from you or your parents that they do not deserve. Therefore, they opt to lie so that they can get it.

    Pride is also a common reason why your brother will lie. They will come up with scenarios and situations that will help improve their image. Additionally, if they did something embarrassing, they use a lie to cover up what they did.

    What Are the Signs That My Brother Is Lying?

    When your brother is talking, it is hard to know when he’s genuine and when it is a scam. For this reason, you need to learn to observe the signs that help you know whether he is telling the truth or not. Some of these surefire signs that the story your brother is giving is a cover-up are:

    He Changes His Voice

    Being your brother, you are familiar with the original voice that he uses when in serious business. More often than not, when one is lying, their voice tends to change. For this reason, the first sign that you can use to tell that your brother is not telling the truth is a change in their voice. This is especially if a question is asked about what he is talking about.

    Funny Body Language

    Communication involves both words of mouth and body language. If the two fail to correspond, the high chances are that somebody is lying. When your brother is lying, there is a difference in the timing of their words and body language. Additionally, you may realize using subconscious body language, for instance, nodding their head ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no.’

    Eye Contact

    Somebody who is lying lacks enough courage to look you in the eyes. When your brother is lying, he will avoid making eye contact with you. They will look down or sideways because they construct the answers to the questions you are asking them.

    How to Deal with a Brother Who Lies So Much

    If you realize that your brother is always telling a lie, it scares you to talk with them. However, since he is your brother and you live together, come up with ways to help you deal with his lies. Some of these ways of living with a lying brother include telling him that you are aware that he lies. This way, he carefully talks to you to avoid lying to you or somebody else when you are around. Telling him that you know he lies will also help him realize that he is doing the wrong thing. Explain to him some of the repercussions of lying and why he should stop it.

    Additionally, get ways to prove that he is lying. This is especially if you are trying to convince others that he is lying, but he is doing it so well that nobody believes you.


    A lying brother is not only annoying but also inconveniencing. However, since he is your brother, you need to help him stop the lying habit before it is too late. Additionally, learn to detect when he is lying to avoid falling prey to the made-up information that he could have.

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