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Why Does My Brother-in-Law Hate Me?

    Getting along with everyone is the best thing that can ever happen in a family. But, realistically, this is not usually the case in most families. There are always a few individuals who make it impossible for people to get along. You will find that some people are just hard to please. Even if you try to be nice to them, they will never learn to like you.

    One of those family members you are likely not to get along with is your brother-in-law. For reasons known to them, they may just decide to hate you. So, what happens if you have such a brother-in-law? Is there a better way of handling such an individual in the family? Keep reading for more information and tips on how to deal with this.

    Why Your Brother-in-Law Hates You

    A brother-in-law may hate you when he notices that you have a beautiful marriage, and he doesn’t. Note that some people are sadist by nature, and they don’t want to see others happy or doing well. So, when such people don’t have what you have, they become bitter.

    If it is your brother’s husband, he may hate you because your presence makes him miss the opportunity to be with his brother. He feels that his brother is spending more time with you than with him. If it is your sisters’ husband, he may not like the idea of you being around his wife for reasons better known to him. So, this may make him develop hate for you.

    Should You Avoid Him?

    While avoiding him may work well for you, it also comes with consequences. Suppose it is your sister’s husband, ask yourself if you will be able to stay away from the people you love, like your sister, nieces, and nephews?

    Choosing to avoid him means that you will miss out on seeing other people you care about or love. So, unless you are willing to sacrifice your relationship with other family members, this option may not be the best.

    Are There Any Implications?

    When there is a conflict between two people in a family, other family members around them will get hurt in the process. So, when you have a misunderstanding between you and your brother-in-law, this will hurt other family members too.

    It is also possible for people in the family to take sides. If this happens, then it will eventually spoil the beautiful relationship that exists in that family. And bringing people together once again may be a challenging task.

    How Do You Handle This?

    Handling a brother-in-law who hates you when there are people you love involved can be a hard thing to do. You want to ensure that he doesn’t cross your line, and at the same time, you are avoiding to hurt the people around you. Finding an option that will put you in a neutral position is not easy. However, there are things you can do:

    If you are not living with your brother-in-law under the same roof, then it will be great if you don’t think about his hate for you. Just live your life and assume that he never exists.

    On the other hand, if you live with him in the same house, it may be worthwhile to make peace with him. When bitterness and spite continue to exist between the two of you, many people will be hurt. So, making peace will help the two of you to keep calm, move on, and be happy, and no one gets hurt.

    What to Consider

    Hate from your brother-in-law may come from both sides. It could be a brother to your husband or your sister’s husband. Whichever direction the hate is coming from, he is a family member, and in this situation, there are other family members involved.

    So, whatever decision you make, ensure that other family members don’t get hurt in the process. In most cases, the position your husband or sister takes concerning this issue matters a lot. All you need to do is to ensure that your differences do not affect other people around you.


    Handling this situation is generally tricky. However, where close family members are concerned, it is healthy and crucial to avoid conflict as much as possible. Try to minimize contact with your brother-in-law. What should matter is the relationship you have with your husband and sister, the rest of the family.

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