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Why Does My Brother Hate My Boyfriend?

    A majority of siblings often go through life by experiencing extreme emotions towards each other. It is common for a brother to display anger or disgust towards certain things about a sister’s life. Your brother’s emotions can sometimes be extended towards your friends.

    Emotional reactions in younger siblings may not be taken seriously. These melt away quickly once a solution is enforced. But when siblings grow older, feelings of anger and revulsion become difficult to deal with. As you mature, you may realize that your brother’s feelings towards you and your friends matter.  

    What Causes Your Brother to Hate Your Boyfriend?

    Siblings tend to have certain common traits. Your brother is a piece of yourself in some way, and siblings often have similar likes and dislikes. By showing dislike, your brother may just be expressing what you can’t see in your boyfriend. However, it is natural for your sibling to want to protect you from any form of deception.

    Your Boyfriend’s charm or deceptive act can fool your parents but cannot work on your sibling. This is because your brother can relate with your boyfriend on a level where all boys plainly know each other. Your sibling can tell if your boyfriend is likable or disagreeable.

    Your brother has grown up with you and knows what you do or don’t like.  Sometimes love can cause you not to see things about your boyfriend that your brother does. If your sibling thinks you will not get along well with your boyfriend, it could be worth considering.

    Dealing with Your Brother’s Hateful Emotions

    Sometimes there is nothing much you can do about your brother’s relationship with your boyfriend. It may be that your brother cares about you and is concerned about your happiness. It is wise to respect your brother’s way of expressing these emotions and allow the relationship to take a natural course.

    When you are alone with your boyfriend, let your brother know that you are safe. If you are younger, it is common for your brother to be protective. Your sibling may warm up to your boyfriend if you prove that you are not in any danger.

    Plan to go out together and do something that you all enjoy. Sometimes your brother may hate your boyfriend for taking you away from family.  Going out together once in a while with your brother can reduce the resentment. It also helps your brother to develop a better relationship with your boyfriend. 

    Should You Leave Your Boyfriend Because of Your Brother?

    Your brother’s opinion about your boyfriend is something that you need to consider. However, your relationship doesn’t have to be destroyed by it.  If you have feelings for your boyfriend, decide not to be offended and move on with your life.

    It is important to set clear boundaries concerning acceptable behavior in your presence. Ask your brother to show some respect to your boyfriend. You also need to avoid discussing your boyfriend with your brother.

    It is also wise to let your boyfriend know that your brother deserves some respect. Let your boyfriend not drag you into their misunderstanding. It does you good if you do not talk about your brother with your boyfriend.

    When to Worry if Your Brother Hates Your Boyfriend

    You need to worry if your sibling asks you to pick sides when it is already evident that your brother hates your boyfriend. Let your sibling understand that this issue with your boyfriend is not your fault. Manipulating you to pick sides is a lack of respect for your feelings. Your brother should allow your relationship to develop naturally. 

    It needs looking into if your brother’s hateful feelings become uncontrollable. Extreme feelings of hate can cause anxiety and exhaustion. Your brother can also experience increased inflammation in the body, which can lead to more serious health issues. 


    It is common for family members to be protective of each other. Sometimes this can be expressed in weird ways like hatred for someone. Your brother may not have any valid reason to hate your boyfriend. It is wise to allow your brother’s hateful emotions to subside naturally.

    However, it’s worth worrying about if your sibling has reasons for showing these hateful emotions. If you have developed strong feelings for your boyfriend, you may overlook some serious flaws. Your sibling’s criticism can reveal to you what you may otherwise not see in your boyfriend.

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