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Why Does My Brother Fart So Much?

    Farting indicates how healthy one is, and it’s a natural process of the body. However, most people view farting as an embarrassment, which you shouldn’t do where people are. Remember, fart is a way of emitting waste products from the body in the form of gas. But if your brother farts too much, you should take it as a significant problem since one shouldn’t release gases frequently. You should find where the problem lies so that he can receive help. Can you think of any situation which can make your brother fart too much? Well, read this great article to know the reasons why your brother farts so much.

    Change in Your Brother’s Diet

    If your brother has been used to eating certain kinds of food, switching diets may result in food poisoning. Suppose your brother changes his diet to a new one; it will affect his digestive system. Introducing new food to his digestive tract will make his digestive tract take time before it adjusts. As it readjusts, the digestion process might slow down, increasing gas production, which makes your brother fart so much. Also, if your brother excludes some foods from his diet, which helps make the digestion faster, he will have to fart so much since his digestion will be slower.

    Check Your Brother’s Manner of Eating

    In case your brother eats in a hurry, expect him to have many gases in his stomach. In the process of swallowing in a hurry, your brother will be taking in more gases that will cause his constant farting. Don’t forget that eating in a rush will also give his stomach a hard time since it holds a certain amount of food at a time. When his stomach has too much to digest, it will slow the digestion process. In turn, the slow digestion process will cause him to have gas build-up that makes him fart so much.

    The Kind of Food Your Brother Eats

    Certain kinds of food will naturally make your brother have gases in his stomach. Too many gases in the body will make your brother uncomfortable. So, I have to look for a way to get rid of them. The best way out is through farting, and because the gases are too much, he will fart a lot. 

    Foods that are likely to cause many gases to build-up in his stomach include those with high fiber content. As you know, the digestion of fiber takes time. When it’s in excess, the process will be much slower. Meaning it will take time before it fully gets absorbed in his body. When it finally reaches the large intestine where its digestion occurs, it will mix with bacteria. Then they will form many gases resulting in your brother farting much. Also, foods rich in sugar and sulfur can make your brother fart so much.

    Maybe Your Brother Is Constipating

    Constipation has several causes like lack of enough fluids and fiber in the body. If your brother is constipating, the food movement will slow. The slow movement will give the bacteria in his colon room to feed on the stool’s carbohydrates. The bacteria will produce gas after the waste product takes time in his colon, making your brother fart so much. 

    Your Brother’s Stomach Could Be Lactose Intolerant

    If your brother has lactose intolerance, he will have gas problems. In this case, he will not drink milk or eat its products like cheese or butter. When lactase, an enzyme that helps break down lactose, is missing in your brother’s body, he will suffer from bloating. When he is bloated, he will be uncomfortable and try to look for a means to get rid of the gases. If your brother farts so much, it’s because of lactose intolerance, which makes him have many gases.

    Your Brother Could Be Having Celiac Disease

    Suppose your brother has celiac disease; his digestive tract will not be able to digest gluten. Gluten in your brother’s body will come from wheat products. When digestion of gluten is not successful, your brother will have excess gas in his stomach. A lot of gases in his stomach will force him to fart so much to reduce it.


    If your brother farts too much, he won’t be comfortable since gas build-up can be painful. To help him out, check the kind of food he eats and his manner of eating. Don’t forget to ask him if he made changes in his diet or when he’s constipating. Celiac disease could also make your brother fart so much.

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