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Why Does My Brother Disrespect Me?

    Home is where the majority of people want to experience serenity and peace of mind. Some siblings can make this feeling unachievable, particularly if you have a problematic brother.

    It can be difficult to bond with a sibling who is always annoying, rude, and disrespectful. You are bound to get angry or lose your temper if your brother’s ill-manners take away your peace of mind. Sometimes there is not much you can do to change your brother’s bad behavior. However, you can change the way you respond.

    What Makes My Brother Disrespect Me?

    Disrespectful behavior is annoying and can cause embarrassment. Even so, there is always a reason why siblings can show bad behavior.

    The desire for attention may cause a sibling to show rude behavior. Your brother may experience feelings of loneliness if you spend more time with friends or on your own. If you shut your brother out of your life, your sibling may treat you with contempt to get your attention. 

    Sometimes, your acts or behavior can provoke your sibling to disrespect you. Your brother can be agitated if you cross the boundaries of your relationship. Your brother will likely react rudely towards you in response to your bad conduct. 

    However, it is not always that something contributes to a person’s ill-manners. Sheer boredom can make your brother want to disrupt your peace of mind by being disrespectful. 

    Ignore a Brother Who Disrespects You

    A sibling who is continuously disrespectful is challenging to get along with. Even so, you can decide to ignore your brother’s impolite conduct. 

    The conflict can escalate if you react to your brother’s contemptuous behavior. Sometimes a sibling may be rude and offensive in an attempt to solicit attention.  Do not reward your brother’s disrespect by paying attention to it. You can walk away or do something else to show your lack of interest in your sibling. 

    Introduce Humor When Your Brother Disrespects You

    Humor is a good distraction for your brother’s ill-manners. Good laughter can help reduce tension in a bad situation.

    Though your brother’s ill-conduct needs to be discouraged, talking about it may worsen the situation. However, laughter makes your brother turn away from bad behavior, and it lowers your emotions.

    Delay Your Response Towards Your Brother’s Bad Behavior

    Some people will react to a bad situation instantly when emotions are still charged.  However, it is good practice to calm down, analyze the situation, and think about what to say. You can express yourself better after you have gained control of your emotions.

    Sometimes your sibling’s contemptuous behavior can affect your emotions and make you feel angry, agitated, or ashamed. If you respond to your brother’s ill-manners in anger, you can make a bad situation worse. It is wise to calm down and allow some time to pass before reacting to your sibling’s disrespectful behavior.  

    Talk to Your Parents if Your Sibling Disrespects You

    It is good to let your parents know about your brother’s impolite conduct. Tell your parents how you have tried to handle the situation. It is essential to express your emotions and explain how your brother’s unkind acts make you feel.

    Let your parents know that your brother constantly annoys you and leaves you feeling embarrassed.  This will help you feel better and also enable your parents to find a solution to your conflict.

    What Not to Do When Your Brother Disrespect You

    Do not dwell on the wrong act or address the behavior more than once. Ill-mannered siblings thrive on attention.  Your sibling is likely to lose the desire to annoy you when you stop paying attention to bad conduct. 

    Avoid retaliating to your brother’s impolite acts in anger. A heated reaction can fuel the flames of an already bad situation.  Try not to show your anger or strong emotions.


    It can be embarrassing when your brother disrespects you when you are enjoying the company of your friends or just having a quiet time.  Though it may anger you, it is wise to ignore your brother.  Not paying attention to bad behavior kills it. 

    However, some siblings exhibit problematic behavior when soliciting attention. It may help your brother to stop being disrespectful to you if you spend some quality time together once in a while.  Always treat your brother with kindness and respect. However, you may have to consult an adult if your sibling’s rude behavior remains unchanged.

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