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Why Does My Brother Call Me Fat?

    When you are born, you don’t choose what you will look like. You are who you are because you were born that way. However, there are times when you will come across people who like making you feel bad about yourself. It is even worse if that person is your brother.

    Now, how will you feel when your brother calls you fat? You will definitely feel hurt. It is actually ironic because this is the person you expect to defend you from the outside world. So, what do you do about this? Read on to learn more.

    Why Your Brother Calls You Fat

    Sometimes when people have issues that they are unable to resolve, they tend to pick on others. So, your brother could be going through the same thing, and that is why he calls you fat.

    Also, in some families, there is sibling bullying. We have those siblings in families who find pleasure in making others’ life miserable.  So, your brother could be one of those bully siblings. He will call you fat to bully you.

    Another reason could be that your brother likes making jokes. Some people may utter words to make fun of others without realizing that they are hurting them. So, when your brother calls you fat to him, this may just be a joke and nothing serious.

    Does Being Called Fat Have Implications?

    Some words can make one lose self-esteem. So, if you are fat and someone somewhere keeps reminding you of this, you will begin to feel ashamed of your body. It makes you feel out of place, and you may stop valuing yourself.

    In life, there is nothing important than having your self-esteem intact. It makes you develop confidence and self-value. If this is not there, your life can be miserable. So, if being called fat bothers you or hurts your feelings, then it means that it is affecting your well-being. If you don’t manage this soon, it may lead to more health problems in the future.

    How Do You Handle This?

    People may utter words or make jokes, which may end up hurting someone’s feelings. It is even worse if a person is doing it with the intention of making you feel bad. 

    While some people may not care about being called fat, others consider it a big issue because it affects them. So, how do you handle this?

    If your brother calling you fat is affecting you, then you need to let him know. Explain to him that your weight is a sensitive spot, and you feel hurt when teased about it. Let him know that it is really hurting you as much as he may be doing it as a joke.

    Another best thing to do is to ignore his comments, especially if your baby brother makes them. Most young boys are naturally naughty, but they outgrow this behavior as they become of age. So, if you give your brother the notion that it bothers you that much when he calls you fat, the more he will enjoy doing it.

    Take Advantage of Your Brother’s Comments?

    Sometimes negative comments can make someone begin reflecting on his or her life. If your brother is calling you fat, and you are, it is time to start working on your body fitness goals.

    You can go to the gym so that you work on your body weight. Alternatively, you can do some workouts by yourself and change your eating lifestyle to help regulate the size of your body. It is good to take advantage of both positive and negative, to improve your life.

    Accept Who You Are 

    Sometimes working out, or changing your eating lifestyle may not work for you. So, what do you do if you can’t change who you are? The best thing is to accept it and live your life. 

    Most people inherit bodies from their parents. That is why you are different from the other person. There are those people with big bodies and others small, and they can’t change that. So, don’t allow other people’s opinions about your body appearance, bother you. In other words, it is good to accept who you are.


    Being teased about your body appearance is one thing that changes how you see yourself. It is a bad thing because it may have a long-term effect on your life. Finding better ways of navigating through the situation will help keep your self-esteem intact and live a positive life.

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