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Why Does My Brother Blame Me for Everything?

    Are you dealing with a narcissist family member who tries to pin the blame on you for every mess and every fiasco? Such people exist, and it can make your time at home unbearable. Also, false allegations usually hurt and can make you miserable and unloved. Typically, such situations are a precursor for negative energy, which you do not deserve if you know you have done nothing wrong. But despite the blame, and perhaps counter-blames, you always have that deep love and care for your brother.  Still, it is important to gather all your strength and willpower to counter any misconceptions, as your reputation could on the line. Here are several ways to proceed.

    Conduct Honest Behavior Investigation 

    Although the relationship with your sibling may be precarious right now because of the censuring and accusations, they still play a key role in your life. It calls for your self-examination to see if there is something you are doing wrong. Ask if there is no inkling of truth in what they’re trying to say. Could there be some behavior predisposition that makes your brother think you are the culprit in all the failures that happen?

    Again, what actions do you engage in each waking moment that would make someone accuse you? How reliable are you in your dealings with others, and do you keep promises? There are so many questions to address. Perhaps you have been unknowingly causing problems, and once you carefully reflect and see that you are the cause, you can make the much-needed changes. Acknowledging your weak areas can be challenging, of course, but it can also be a way to help you grow and become a better person.

    Propose an Intense Sit-Down with Your Brother 

    Without creating room for further conflict, gently ask your sibling for a sit down so that you can iron out any differences. Indeed, you would want to know why they tend to fault you for everything. A candid discussion can reveal if your sibling is merely trying to unload deep-rooted fears, anger, and jealousy on you. Such a forum can also determine if you need professional help to deal with the bad energies. It can surely enable everyone to carry responsibility for their actions.

    Take Steps to Protect Your Peace of Mind

    Frankly, you do not even require self-examination. You would already have been asking yourself endless questions about why you are always to blame for things. But do you also realize that the problem could not be lying with you but the blamer? Sometimes it could merely be that your sibling has a massive lack of confidence, or they are so self-loathing such that they also want to see you unhappy. Do not allow defeatism and misery to take charge of your life because of your brother’s sinister motives. Instead, you can try and move away from the offending environment. If not physically, then mentally. Since you understand yourself better, preach only positive thoughts, and assure yourself of how honest, trustworthy, and dependable you always are. Believe only in your narrative, and keep away from conditions that will make anyone suspect you of wrongdoing. Generally, keeping as much distance from the allegations can help sustain your mental balance in place.

    Understand That Your Sibling’s Attitude May Never Change 

    Typically, you would want your relationship with your brother to improve. You would wish they believed you and in you. But this may not be possible as people with toxic behaviors are hard to change. The best thing is to lower your expectations of them and accept them as they are. As accusatory and condescending as they are, they remain part of your life that you cannot snuff. Do not expect remorse or contrition from such an individual. Instead, it’s up to you to develop coping mechanisms, including self-love and self-preservation.

    Being framed and blamed for a thing, you know nothing about can break you inside out. But you do not have to cow and take things lying down. Instead, fight for your truth. Also, examine the reasons and see if you need to change your ways. If not, let your sibling know that they are wide of the mark in accusing you of things you have no idea.

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