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Why Does My Brother Beat Me Up?

    Sibling rivalries, fights, and squabbles are common in the majority of families across all cultures. Sometimes these rows can develop into aggressive behavior. However, these acts tend to disappear as siblings grow older.

    It is normal if your brother beats you up once in a while. Nevertheless, it becomes bullying if the behavior continues for several days or if your sibling derives pleasure from hurting you.

    How Do You Recognize Bullying Behavior When Your Brother Beats You Up?

    A bully will pick up a fight with you over trivial matters. It is an indication of bullying if your brother is quick to start a fight with you over unimportant matters.  It is oppressive behavior if your sibling does not apologize after the brawl and continues to be aggressive towards you. 

    Older siblings can take advantage of the age variance to intimidate the younger ones.  Sometimes, the struggle for popularity can also make your brother beat you up more than once.  It is bullying if your brother beats you up because of a selfish desire to demean you.

    If you feel tormented about your brother’s behavior, it is best to involve your parents. It is not normal for your sibling to beat you up over the same issue for weeks.

    Reasons Why Your Brother Beats You Up

    Sibling rivalries develop due to a desire to be independent or in control.  It is common for younger siblings to express the desire not to be controlled by being aggressive. An older sibling can be domineering and aggressive in an attempt to be in control over you.

    The majority of parents tend to give more attention to younger siblings.  This can leave an older child feeling frustrated and resentful. Your older brother may resort to beating you up to compete for attention from your parents. 

    A jealous sibling will exhibit hostile behavior. Sometimes your brother can pick a fight with you because of envious resentment of your achievements.   Your sibling’s inability to have an advantage over you can trigger conflicts between the two of you. 

    Dealing with an Abusive Brother

    Fighting with your sibling may not give you a lasting solution.  However, you can try to resolve the conflict by avoiding situations that trigger your brother’s aggressive behavior.  If your sibling continues to beat you up, the best way to resolve the situation is to let an older person help you find a solution. 

    It is important to inform your parents about your brother’s hostile behavior. Sometimes parents are too busy with work issues and may not know the seriousness of sibling squabbles. Request your parents to set and enforce rules that are fair to you and your brother.

    The majority of sibling misunderstanding occurs due to a desire to be independent. If you are with your brother all the time, you may fight often. Having a brother who beats you up in front of your friends is embarrassing. Avoid spending long hours with your sibling. Ask your parents to allow you to spend some time alone or with your friends away from your brother.

    How Do You Babysit a Brother Who Beats You Up?

    If your brother is younger, you can request your parents not to let you spend long hours alone with your sibling. Let your parents know how terrible you feel when your brother beats you up. If your parents can not find an alternative way to babysit your brother, ask them to compensate you for the trouble. 

    Engage your sibling in activities that can help you develop a bond. Getting your brother involved in a fun outdoor activity may ease the tension between you and your sibling. Doing things that make both of you happy is a good distraction from your brother’s aggressive behavior.

    When to Worry About Your Brother’s Aggressive Behavior

    It is worrisome if your brother beats you up and does not apologize. A toxic sibling will not take responsibility for inappropriate behavior and will not accept to be wrong.

    It needs looking into if your sibling is manipulative or overly controlling.  If your brother becomes aggressive and forces you to do things you do not want to, it may be a sign of a more serious issue.


    Sibling rivalries, fights, and disagreements are common but disappear as children grow older.  Sometimes this behavior escalates and becomes aggressive.  If you feel annoyed and frustrated when your brother beats you up, request an older person to help you resolve the situation. 

    However, you can try to distract your brother from aggressive behavior by doing something that you both enjoy.  It also helps to reduce the conflicts if you spend more time apart and allow your brother to spend quality time with your parents.

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