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Why Does My Brother Always Touch Me?

    A touch is not bad as long as it’s with the right intentions. The only bad thing about touch is when someone does it inappropriately. If your brother touches you, it may mean a lot depending on how he did it. If you feel it’s wrong for your brother to touch, by the way, he did it, report him. But if it’s a brotherly touch like a tap, you should embrace it even if he does it regularly. For whatever purpose, allow your brother to touch you with an apparent aim. Can you think of any reason now? Read along to know the reasons why your brother always touches you.

    A Sign That Your Brother Trusts You

    If your brother touches you always and in the right places, it shows that he trusts you. A simple touch is not a cause of alarm. But rather a sign of bond and trust you two have, especially when communicating. Don’t forget you could be spending more time with your brother than any other family member. So, it’s to show you that they’ve your back and touch can do it. It could be a high five, fist bumps, or taps, and all these have no harm to you.

    To Show Affection

    Your brother might touch you to show how much care and love they have for a sibling. It could be that your brother loves you so much and maybe doesn’t know how to say it. So, he’d rather do it through non-verbal cues. Remember, a simple pat is a touch that your brother can always use to show how much they love you. Don’t forget sibling rivalry is real. If you have a brother who cares and shows affection, be happy and enjoy while it lasts.

    To Bully You

    You could be having a bully brother who would opt for touches rather than the harsh and painful tricks most people use. And as you know, bullies use something annoying to put someone down. Your brother can resolve to touching to annoy you because he also enjoys. In this case, your brother might have seen how you hate his touches and want to make you suffer. When he does this, he is always out to achieve a mission that you may not know. 

    Your Brother Might Touch You to Make You Feel Safe

    It can be that your brother only touches you when he feels you’re in danger. As a caring brother, he will always be touchy to make you feel safe. It would help if you were keen to notice the instances; he does this to be sure about, though. When you’re in trouble, your brother can sense that and help save the situation. 

    After successfully being rescued, he’ll need a way to calm you down. In a real sense telling someone who is frightened to relax can’t work, but the magic power of touch can do that. So, to make you calm down and safe after the scares, your brother will always touch you. When your brother touches you, the secretion of a chemical known as oxytocin increases. With a rise in oxytocin, your anxiety while in distress will reduce, and you’ll finally feel safe. Thanks to your brother’s knowledge of this.

    Sexual Harassment

    If your brother touches you in the wrong places, like the private parts, it means their intentions are not right. Mostly this means they want to take advantage of your sexuality, which you shouldn’t allow. You will notice that he does this when you’re just with him in the room or house. When this is why he touches you always, he might give threats to keep it a secret between you. But don’t accept it; report him to your parents as soon as possible since it can later cause you mental distress. 

    You should also understand that sexual relations between siblings is immoral. So, don’t let him drag you into sin. Be careful since your brother might use tricks to lure you into his traps. If possible, don’t hesitate to report him to your parents or a confidant who can appropriately handle the issue.


    Oxytocin hormone released by your body whenever someone touches you has a significant impact on our health. The hormone has benefits both physically and mentally, meaning your brother’s touches can help you. But how your brother touches you also matters. If your brother touches you always, it could be a sign of affection, trust, and safety. Suppose he’s a naughty boy; he can touch you to bully you or worse still for sexual harassment.

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