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Why Does My Brother Always Insult Me?

    Is your brother one of those expert trolls who direct all manner of bile, not at just anyone but you? If they are pushing your buttons until you can’t take it anymore, then it certainly hurts. Still, yours is not an isolated incident. Siblings do fight, and they occasionally engage in bitter words. Sometimes minor reasons such as who should clean up after dinner can lead to a massive brawl. But when the squabbling or abuse becomes a daily dish, it can be unbearable. If their abuse and insults make your life difficult, and it feels like you cannot win against them, you might decide to ignore them as a coping mechanism. But deep down, it hurts so bad, it even demeans.

    What Psychologists Have to Say About Sibling Bullish Behavior

    Expert sources say that sibling rivalry and insults do not just begin out of nowhere. Most often, there is a deep-rooted motivation that can make you clash and even be vicious with each other. Perhaps you both have different views about life, or they feel threatened by your success. Could your brother be merely seeking attention either from you or from your parents? Research has it that parents also contribute to sibling bullying because they often play favorites. For example, if at any time you have been labeled as the smart one or the most well-behaved, no wonder your brother cannot wait to put you down. There could be so many reasons, and sometimes only professional mediation can unearth the key reason behind this mean streak.

    Why Sibling Bullying Can Be Worse Than Any Other

    Being terrorized by your brother can be as bad and as damaging as if you were out there with strangers. However, experts say the very proximity and intensity of the behavior can scar you for life. Since it is happening at home, verbal abuse can harm your self-esteem, making your social interactions problematic. Meanwhile, the abuse can also make you feel unloved and unsafe in the very place you should be safe and protected. 

    Victims of such name-calling can also feel isolated and alone without proper defense and coping mechanisms. Another significant impact is that you may begin to suffer from stress and anxiety, which can easily lead to depression and even identity issues. Experts state that people struggle with emotional issues later in life because they might have encountered such hate and vitriol in their formative years at home. Finally, it can also be challenging to maintain stable and loving relationships due to humiliation and demoralization.

    How to Put an End to Your Brother Emotional Abuse? 

    Suppose you have been trying to ignore your brother, yet there is no end to the rudeness? Then, of course, you have to stop it before it destroys you. There are various methods you can use. For example, sit down with them and tell them how their words cut. You may be shocked that they are not aware of how deep they have been hurting you. It could lead to reform. But what if they claim you have equally been mean to them? It is a defensive mechanism, and the trick is to apologize and promise to fix your attitude towards them. Let them see your remorse and willingness to change from now going forward.

    Be Patient as You Wait for Things to Change

    The truth is that even after having talked to your sibling, it may take a while before you notice a significant behavior change. Both of you may, in essence, be going through a period of self-reflection, and you need to wait to see your sibling acting on their word patiently. Sometimes, if the toxicity has been deep and long-standing, the change you so wish to see may not happen at all. It is the reason you may have to bring family onboard. Inform your parents about it. They may be just the right people to put your brother in the right place. If things are irredeemable, then therapy may be the last and best option for your trolling sibling.

    Whatever the case, you must pull all stops to end your sibling’s bullying behavior. If not, the effects on the psyche can both be damaging and permanent. Even if sibling squabbling is typical in any home, if it becomes a daily thing, then it is a no.

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