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Why Do My Baby’s Bibs Go Pink?

    Have you noticed the never-ending pink hue on your baby’s bibs? Usually, it is not a big deal if it’s just a few pieces. But when every one of them accumulates this stain, it raises your antennae. Come to think of it; you are not mixing the bibs with other colored clothes in the machine. Neither are you feeding your baby with questionable solid food. But still, each bib you buy and start using ends up with a pinkish pigment. Some parents, due to this eyesore, opt only to use the very dark/ and neutral colored ones. So, what would you do about it? The best option would be finding out the primary cause for the hue and taking the necessary preventive steps.

    Primary Causes of Pinkish Color on Your Baby’s Bibs 

    It isn’t easy to pinpoint the exact cause of the pink on your little one’s bibs. But some of the principal reasons include your baby’s acidic drool and reflux. If these keep seeping into the material, then the likelihood of its turning color is usually very high. Although interesting, your breast milk could indeed be another culprit. According to research, breast milk can turn into a pinkish hue. The reason is, it is colonized by Serratia marcescens. Usually, it is a unique rod-shaped gram-negative bacteria type of species, and it usually releases a slightly reddish to orange pigment. 

    Once you notice this type of hue, do not just wash it off. Instead, also speak with your baby’s physician. It’s because the bacteria in it are closely linked with various infant diseases and can sometimes be fatal. Meanwhile, do you use silicone bibs? Although these types of bibs are both fun and versatile, research indicates that the material harbors some bacteria that can easily make your baby bib change color. Lastly, the type of foods you are feeding your child could affect how the bib appears before wash. Mostly highly acidic can be to blame.

    Here is how to prevent the pinkish hue on your baby bib.

    Do an Overnight Soak to Loosen the Stains 

    The truth is that the pinkish color on your baby bib is just like any other stubborn stain and can be difficult to remove. But one of the best ways to maintain the original color of the bib is in the washing. All you need to do is soak for 24 hours in an equal combination of water and vinegar. You can add in a little bleach to make the wash more effective. Besides softening the material and loosening the stains, the method is perfect for bibs turning color due to breast milk and baby formula.

    Go Slow on Highly Acidic Foods

    Did you know that type of foods for your baby can make the bib pick that very pinkish hue? These are mostly diets that contain some high levels of acid. Of course, there is no way you can go cold turkey on each acidic food due to nutritional requirements. It would be great to work hand in hand with your child’s nutritionist to help choose foods that have fewer acids. By doing that, you would be helping your baby’s fabric, too.

    Keep Bibs Away From Pink Mold

    If you happen to have surfaces with pink mold in your home, it could be another reason the bibs are picking the pinkish color. As you might already know, molds of whatever color and texture are not a good sign, and most of them can cause illnesses for you and your baby. So, inspect and clean out all the mold; also, once you wash the bibs, always sundry them. This helps to kill any remainders of mold and bacteria all at once. A strong sundry also minimizes and sometimes eliminates all the pink. Again with sundry, you do not always have to soak or use bleach to wash the bibs.

    Generally, it would help if you found out what could be causing the bibs to turn pink. Some of the reasons can be harmful to your baby. For example, if it’s the bacteria causing it, you can get expert advice on how to prevent it, and you can have your baby checked out too.

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