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Toddler Wont Stop Yawning

    Having children is a pleasant experience. Some families do not get to experience the gift of having a child.

    When you are blessed enough to have a child, it will happen for you. The time just has to be correct. When it does happen, there are so many new things you will have to make adjustments for.

    Learning to care for a newborn, then a toddler, then a preteen, then adolescence, is a big adjustment. It will eventually come naturally to you.

    Your parenting instincts will kick in. You will notice certain things your child does. The way they eat, the way they look, the way they sleep, and yawn. Some parents notice certain things that may be scary to them.

    Lack of sleep makes a child and even an adult yawn

    Yawning usually happens in the first couple of hours. Your body is trying to wake itself completely up in everybody’s aspect.

    The second most common time is the hours before bedtime. Your toddler’s body is starting to relax and shutting down little by little, preparing him for a good night’s sleep.

    Keeping your child well-rested should help. Making sure your toddler doesn’t get overtired will also help. Once a child gets overtired, they become cranky and will also start yawning more frequently.

    Psychological reasons

    Psychological reasons are another reason your child and yourself are always yawning. Your child and yourself will see someone else yawn, and then start yawning. It happens to all of us.

    That’s due to psychological reasons, such as boredom, having an overwhelming feeling.

    Feeling anxious or nervous can also lead to yawning. Trying to keep your child busy most of the time will help with the boredom part of the issues. Talking to your toddler if they seem like they might need someone to talk to.

    All you can do at that point is to be the best parent you know how to be. Just be there for them, let them know it’s okay, and you will never leave them.

    Excessive yawning

    Excessive yawning in toddlers is something a parent might notice. That is, your child is yawning way more than usual.

    Yawning for a child, let alone at any age group, is normal. If you notice your toddler yawning excessively and constantly for a long period of time, consult your pediatrician.

    Yes, yawning is normal, but when it becomes excessive, there could be underlying medical conditions. Talk to your child’s pediatrician about the issues at hand.

    Even if you feel your child doesn’t need a doctor, getting a second opinion besides your own observation could really help your toddler in the long run.

    Home testing

    Home testing is something a parent can do at home with their toddler. Always being observant of your child’s behavior is a mandatory must!

    Observing your child’s behavior and the things they do can tell you if something isn’t correct. There are also ADHD kits available for at-home use. It a tool that shows you what to look for in your child’s behavior.

    Concentration home testing is also available for a parent to use at home. All these tests and kits will help you determine if your child has any issues causing them to yawn more frequently. Finding the correct answers are beneficial to your toddler’s health.


    Extreme yawning causes could range from minor to major medical issues. A child yawning could just mean that your child is tired or bored.

    So there is nothing to do besides making sure your child is rested. Other major issues that are possible would be multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, brain tumors, encephalitis, and drowsiness.

    Seeking medical attention and scheduling the accurate testing and scans are a must. Eliminating certain medical issues to determine the cause of your toddler’s excessive yawning will help find the reason behind it.


    Treatments for excessive yawning comes in different levels. Some toddlers would just need to rest.

    Resting and laying around the for the day will guaranteed to make your toddler rested. In cases where an illness was the cause of the yawning, a doctor will answer a parent’s needs.

    A toddler’s doctor will give the parents all the details needed for certain illnesses. Make sure all instructions giving by a doctor are followed completely. Following the instructions will help your toddler in the end.

    It is completely normal for everyone at every age in life

    Yawning shouldn’t happen all day, every day. If you notice your toddler is yawning a lot more than usual, consult his pediatrician. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the doctors, the testing kits for at-home use are always available.

    The test kits will help parents eliminate certain medical issues that can be associated with excessive yawning. If parents still can’t come up with a reason behind their child’s yawning, consult a pediatrician.

    Professional testing such as blood work, CT Scans, and MRI’s will be performed on your child. I know this all seems scary, especially for a toddler, but finding the cause will help the child tremendously.

    As parent, you will learn your child’s ‘normal,’ and you will realize when things aren’t right. As a parent, you will know when to contact a physician when needed.

    Sometimes illnesses come out of the left field and cause a ruckus. So in the event of something like this, be prepared, read up on some parenting questions you may have, and be the best parent you can be.

    Try your best to communicate with your child, so you know when something is wrong. At the end of the day, you trying your best is all you can do.

    Tackling any health issue is hard on a family, stay focused, and know everything you are doing is for your child.

    As a parent, all you want are happy, healthy children, and for them to grow up and live a happy, healthy life. Remember, there is always someone somewhere that is willing to help in difficult situations.

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