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10 Tips If Toddler Won’t Nap at Grandparents

grandpa in green chair with crying baby

My toddler won’t nap at his grandparents.

Many toddlers love going to visit their grandparents. They spoil on them, love on them, and, give them anything they want. They have their grandparents’ undivided attention. What more could a toddler want? Until nap time rolls around, and they want to be at home again. How can you get your toddler to nap at their grandparents? They need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable enough to fall asleep. If you want tips on how to do this, keep reading.

Give them you

Going away, even to their grandparents, can, sometimes, be daunting for toddlers. Even though they may be familiar with them, the environment is still different. It’s not home, and they could get scared. So, when naptime rolls around, they might feel uncomfortable going to sleep there. Not because it’s not comfortable, but because it’s not their home. If you want to help, you can send something small, such as your favorite scarf, with them. It serves to remind them of you. Pretty much, anything that they can hold as a remembrance of you to lull them to sleep will work.

Record your voice

What’s the next best thing to your toddler having you there? It’s having your voice there, of course! They’ll be thrilled to be able to hear your voice, especially when they’re missing you. Your voice will not only get them to sleep but will help them sleep calmly, knowing that their mom is not that far away. They won’t be so scared knowing that your voice is in the recorder. You can’t possibly be that far away, right?

Send your picture

Sending a picture of yourself with your toddler is another great day to help them nap away from home. Your picture will bring them instant calm and serenity. It can simply be a snapshot of your face or a picture of you with them as long as it reminds them of comfort. They will feel better knowing that they can still touch you and feel your face through the photo paper.

Have grandparents duplicate toddler’s routine

Your toddler can become accustomed to a routine pretty quickly. If that routine is not followed, they might start to feel as if something’s wrong. As a result, have their grandparents go through the toddler’s normal routine when taking a nap. Do you read them a story? Did you sing them a song? Do they practice their ABC’s until they fall asleep? Your toddler will feel safe and secure, knowing that they are still going through the same steps they do at home. They will not feel like there’s a change and will feel comfortable taking a nap.

Read their favorite book

Does your toddler have a favorite book that they like to read? Is it especially a book that they like to read at bedtime? If so, try sending your toddler with their favorite book. Also, do you read with them? If yes, their grandparents can read with them when naptime is near. Your toddler will be ready to take their nap on time and won’t feel a break in their schedule.

Lay down with them

If you’re visiting your toddler’s grandparents’ house with them, try laying down with them during nap time. Feeling that you are near will give them a sense of relief and help them relax and go to sleep. Once you feel like they’re deep enough into their sleep, you can get up and go. However, you can also put styrofoam noodles or pillows around them. These will make your toddler feel as if you’re still around.
On the other hand, try asking their grandparents for help if you’re not visiting. They can lay down with them until they’ve fallen asleep. They will feel the same security as if you were there and should be able to fall asleep. Their grandparent might have a naptime too. If so, your toddler sleeping will be a great relief to them. If not, they can also put the noodles or pillows around your toddler for comfort and safety.

Invest in a travel cot

Since your toddler sleeps in their bed at home, they will feel comfortable with space in their grandparents’ home. In that case, you will want to think of investing in a travel cot. It will be worth your while and help your toddler sleep better. This addition will give them a feeling similar to their bed. It will also help them sleep more soundly because it’s comfortable. Their grandparents will be thankful as well because they will have a quality time while your toddler naps.

Let them have a snack

Letting your toddler have a drink or snack could help them sleep if they are away from home. They could be nervous at the thought of going to sleep somewhere different, even if that somewhere different is their grandparents’ home. Being able to have a drink or snack could soothe their nervous tummies and soothe them to sleep. Having something on their stomach also could help them nap longer.

Send your toddler’s favorite toy or stuffed animal

Sometimes, it will help if your toddler has their favorite toy with them. This might even be a worn-out stuffed animal that they’ve had ever since they could walk. They might feel lonely and lost in a new place. Even if it is their grandparents’. Their favorite toy will give them a sense of security and remind them of home. They will feel more aware of their surroundings. The toy will help them sleep because they will be sleeping with something familiar that makes them feel safe.

Let them sleep where they’re comfortable

You can try all you want, but getting your toddler to sleep will come down to where they’re comfortable. Whether it be their grandparents’ bed, a travel cot, the sofa, or an air mattress, let them sleep where they feel comfortable. Empower them with the choice. They will feel good about that and will want to take a nap where they’ve chosen.

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