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7 Tips If Toddler Won’t Keep Shoes On

    My toddler won’t keep shoes on.

    Shoes are overrated, just ask most any toddler in the world. Sure, they protect the feet from sharp objects, dirt and germs, and other impurities. Still, they also have disadvantages. Especially when you’re a rambunctious toddler with so much to explore, learn, and enjoy. If you’re the parent of a toddler who refuses to keep on his shoes, you’re likely frustrated and wonder what to do. If you’re ready to duct tape shoes to his or her feet, ease the battle with the following tips. Countless parents use these techniques to keep shoes on their toddler’s feet.

    Get Cool Shoes

    Toddlers will wear a pair of shoes they like easier than they’ll wear a regular pair of shoes. That’s why you’ll find a myriad of pairs of shoes with cool designs and cartoon characters when shopping. These shoes appeal to toddlers and make parents’ lives easier. Some shoes even light up when the child walks or feature other cool effects that toddlers love.

    Choose a pair of shoes featuring designs and characters that your child likes and reduce the tantrums and meltdowns over wearing shoes. Endless options for toddlers of all ages ensure that there’s always a pair of shoes that your little one likes. Take your little one shoe shopping so he can have a hand in choosing the pair that he likes most. Or, choose a pair with designs or characters appealing to your toddler if taking him shopping sounds like the start of a nightmare.

    Free the Feet

    Admit it: you love going barefoot. Going barefoot is easier. It’s relaxing and more comfortable. If you hate wearing shoes, imagine how irritating they are to a toddler with so much to see, do, and explore. With this in mind, allow your toddler to run barefoot as often as possible. Many toddlers hate the idea of wearing socks just as badly as they hate wearing shoes. You may want to try out socks on your toddler’s feet, but expect the same reaction as they give wearing shoes.

    Wearing shoes should be reserved only for occasions that it’s necessary. For example, a toddler needs shoes on if they’ll run around on a public sidewalk or in a public parking lot. However, wearing shoes inside the house is a mere burden. Putting shoes on a toddler only in necessary situations reduces tantrums and meltdowns. Simply put, life is easier for everyone when shoes are mandatory only when necessary.

    Buy Comfortable Shoes

    Although choosing cool shoes that appeal to toddlers is important, comfort is a quintessential quality of any pair of shoes. Toddlers cannot tell us their shoes hurt. Instead, they take them off, hurl them out the window, or create an ordeal every time they’re worn. Research toddler shoes before purchase. An abundance of free information is readily accessible online. This information eases the purchase decision and helps find comfortable shoes for your toddler.

    While spending an outrageous price on a pair of toddler shoes is not mandatory, choosing quality is essential. A quality, well-made pair of shoes shouldn’t set you back too much money. And, choosing quality shoes reduces the number of times your toddler tosses their shoes out the car window!

    Have Your Toddler’s Feet Measured

    They improperly fitted shoe concerns pediatricians. After all, it is medical professionals who treat the myriad of foot and ankle problems that may result from improperly fitting shoes. Your toddler must wear properly-fitting shoes at all times. Improper fitting shoes are uncomfortable, increasing the likeliness they’ll remove the shoe. Furthermore, improperly fitting shoes can cause concerns ranging from

    Although pediatricians offer foot measurements, it’s best to take your toddler shoe shopping so the shoe specialists can measure their feet. Toddlers’ feet grow rapidly, so regular measurements prevent improperly fitting shoes, pain, and the myriad of health problems that may occur. Your little one is more inclined to wear shoes that aren’t too big and that aren’t too small!

    Explain the Importance of Shoes

    Explain the importance of wearing shoes in an age-appropriate manner. Going into detail isn’t necessary. Simply explain that shoes protect feet from cuts, bruises, germs, and other dangers in a manner that is easy for your child to understand.

    When your toddler knows that shoes protect their feet, they’ll keep them on more often. Keep in mind that toddlers certainly do as they please most often, so there still may be struggles with wearing shoes.

    Praise Your Toddler

    Toddlers love to hear praise and know they’ve done a good job, especially when it comes to mom and dad. Include praise in the day, especially when your toddler keeps her shoes on all day or for some time—any phrase praising the toddler works. For example, tell your toddler they look grown-up wearing shoes. Or, tell your toddler that you’re proud of them for keeping their shoes on today while shopping.

    It is always the small things that matter the most, no matter what our age. Praise is an important part of life, especially for our children. It teaches confidence and many other qualities that we need in life. Praise children at every opportunity, and you’ll notice subtle but rewarding changes in your toddlers’ willingness to wear their shoes.

    Offer Rewards/Incentives

    Aside from praise, many parents enact a reward system for their children. Praise feels great, but toddlers love to get surprises and rewards. There is no need to head to the toy store for a reward. Remember, it’s the small things that matter -and help teach your little one life’s best lessons.

    Toddlers understand praise and reward, and while it won’t work every time, it is an exceptional incentive that works often. A small reward, such as a sticker or a small treat, when your little one keeps their shoes on is a great gesture!

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