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Toddler Sleeps with Head Under Covers: Unveiling the Facts and Safety Measures

It’s not unusual for parents to find their toddlers sleeping with their heads under the covers. This post aims to explain why this happens and how to ensure your child’s safety during sleep.

Why Does My Toddler Sleep With Their Head Under The Covers?

Toddlers may adopt this behavior for several reasons including self-soothing, creating a comforting and enclosed environment, or shielding from light if they’re sensitive to it. However, understanding the potential risks associated with this habit is important for ensuring your child’s safety.

Understanding the Potential Risks

While this habit might seem harmless, it carries a risk of suffocation and overheating, both of which can be hazardous for toddlers. It’s crucial to regularly check on them during sleep and provide a safe sleep environment.

Ensuring Safe Sleep for Your Toddler

Choose Breathable Fabrics

Choosing blankets made from breathable fabrics like cotton can reduce the risk of overheating and suffocation. Avoid heavy or overly fluffy blankets that can trap heat.

Opt for a Child-Friendly Night Light

If your child is using covers to block out light, consider using a dim, child-friendly night light. This can provide a soothing glow without disrupting their sleep.

Teach Your Child About Safe Sleeping

It’s never too early to educate your toddler about safe sleeping habits. Encourage them to sleep with their head above the covers and explain why it’s important in an age-appropriate way.

The Science Behind the Habit

Seeking Comfort and Security

Toddlers often find comfort in enclosing themselves with a blanket. This behavior could be related to their preference for a more confined, womb-like environment, providing them with a sense of security and coziness.

The Obsession with Blankets

For some children, blankets serve as a security object, offering emotional comfort. Thus, hiding under blankets or becoming obsessed with a particular blanket isn’t unusual for toddlers.

Assessing the Risks and Safety Measures

Is There Less Oxygen Under a Blanket?

While there is less fresh air under the covers, it doesn’t pose a major threat to older children and adults. However, for younger toddlers, prolonged covering of the face could potentially pose a risk of inadequate ventilation.

What About the Side Effects of Covering the Head While Sleeping?

While covering the head during sleep might not have notable side effects for adults, for toddlers, this can potentially increase the risk of overheating and rebreathing carbon dioxide, which could lead to suffocation.

Optimizing Your Toddler’s Sleep Environment

When Can I Transition My Toddler to a Blanket?

Typically, it’s safe to introduce a blanket when your child reaches 12 months of age. However, it’s important to ensure the blanket is lightweight and breathable to prevent overheating.

Choosing the Right Blanket and Bedding for a Toddler

The blanket should be the right size for a toddler – neither too large to pose a risk of entanglement nor too heavy to cause overheating. Also, the bedding should be firm and free from loose items to minimize the risk of suffocation.

Is It Okay for a Toddler to Sleep With a Pillow and Blanket?

Introducing a small, flat pillow and a light blanket is generally safe once your child reaches 18 months to 2 years of age.

Elevating Your Toddler’s Head When Sleeping

Some toddlers might feel more comfortable with their heads slightly elevated. However, it’s important to do this safely, such as using a specially designed wedge pillow.

How Can Help understands the complexities of children’s sleep patterns. With a wealth of resources and expert advice, can provide guidance to help address issues like your toddler sleeping with their head under the covers. With the right strategies and understanding, you can ensure your child enjoys a safe and comfortable sleep.


While it might be puzzling to find your toddler sleeping with their head under the covers, understanding the reasons behind this behavior can help ensure their safety. As always, when it comes to your child’s sleep, safety should always be the top priority.

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  1. MamaBear101:
    OMG just last week I caught my little one snoozing under the blanket and it scared me half to death! Didn’t know about the overheating risk. 😰 Defo gonna check out for some peace of mind. Anyone else been through this?

  2. SleeplessInSeattle:
    Every night is a battle to get my kiddo to sleep without his “fort” of blankets over his head. Had no idea it could be dangerous! 😱 I’m headed straight to to find a safer way to keep him snug as a bug.

  3. SuperDad72:
    Hey peeps, got to say that was a game changer for us. Their tips on breathable blankets and safe sleep totally turned things around. Worth every penny, no more sleepless nights worrying about safety!

  4. CaffeinatedCarla:
    So many mixed messages out there about when toddlers can use blankets and pillows. 🤔 cleared it up for me. Clear, straight facts and now my little dude sleeps like, well, a baby!

  5. JennyJenJen:
    Just read on that there’s less oxygen under covers, that’s freaky stuff. 😟 Time to get that night light they suggested and ditch the blanket forts!

  6. LaughterAndLullabies:
    LOL thought my child was the only undercover agent at night! 🕵️‍♂️ But for real, it ain’t no laughing matter if it’s risky. Off to to get that expert advice.

  7. NoSleepTilBrooklyn: got me like 🙌. Their workshop explained how the womb-like environment under the blanket is comforting for tots but they also show ya how to make it safe. Must visit, y’all!

  8. ChattyCathy22:
    I’m all about that education and gives it in spades. Learned so much about safe sleep beyond just the blanket stuff. They really know their zzz’s!

  9. TexasTiredMomma:
    Y’all, I was up every hour on the hour checkin’ on my little ‘un. Since followin’ advice from, she’s sleepin’ safe and I’m actually gettin’ some shut-eye!

  10. Gina_GymnasticsMom:
    Balance beam by day, ninja under the covers by night, that’s my girl! 😂 Seriously tho, got a proper wake-up call on the CO2 stuff from A must-read for all parents!

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    Felt like I was failing at this whole sleep safety thing… 😞 Then I found and their advice made it click for me. They’re the real MVPs for worried parents.

  12. NanaNaps:
    Heard my grandbaby’s mama talking about Checked it out and WOW – the amount of info they have is just what new parents need. Forwarding it to all my friends with little ones!

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    Kid’s sleeping habits had me baffled, but shed some light on the “why” behind it. Their educational approach is top-notch! Plus, their safety tips are something you can’t afford to skip.

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