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6 Reasons Your Toddler Hates Covers

There are many reasons why your toddler might hate covers and blankets. Here are some common reasons why toddlers refuse to use covers at night or at nap time.

1. The cover is too heavy.

The main reason why your toddler refuses to wear their blanket might be because it is too heavy for them. If the blanket is too heavy, it can make them feel weighted don and uncomfortable. For kids, especially, it is important to find a cover that is lighter in texture and not overwhelming for them. The best way to get your child to use their blanket is to let them pick one out. The next time you go to a store to pick out new bedding, let your toddler pick their bedtime cover. This will encourage them to want to use it. Letting your toddler have control over certain decisions is a great way to teach independence and decision making. In the summertime, you should use an even lighter blanket because it is warm outside. In the winter, you can use heavier blankets because it is colder outside. Size matters, and since your toddler is a tiny human, a large, heavy blanket can be too much for them to have on at night time.

2. Your toddler feels trapped.

Many people sleep with their blanket just over their upper body and let their feet hang out. Letting your feet hang out can help regulate your body temperature and make you feel less overheated. If you notice that your toddler is kicking their blanket off, you should try letting them just cover themselves from the waist up. Kids move around a lot in their sleep, and getting caught up in their blanket can make them uncomfortable. If they find themselves getting twisted up in their blanket, they might be annoyed and just take the entire blanket off. Kids are not able to figure out how to solve problems like this, so taking the initiative can make a difference for their night time comfort.

3. Is your toddler ready for a cover?

Your child did not use a cover for the first year of their life. As parents, we dress them up warm enough at night time to make sure they do not get cold in their sleep. Since it is dangerous to put blankets on babies while they are sleeping (especially unattended), parents usually refrain from using them in the first year. Research has shown that blankets can cause suffocation and death in small children, and it is no wonder why parents refrain from putting a cover on their babies. When your child becomes a toddler, you start to lessen restrictions and allow them to bring a stuffed animal in the crib with them and even a blanket. The question is, is your child ready for them? It is important to see your child’s pediatrician see if your child is ready for a blanket at night. Every child conquers milestones at their own time, and you never want to rush something that could harm them before they are ready. Do not get frustrated if, at first, your toddler refuses to use a blanket. Remember that for all their life up until this point; they have not used a blanket. Naturally, your toddler will have to get used to wearing a blanket, so just give them time.

4. What about heavy pajamas?

There are other ways to keep your child warm at night without having to use a cover. If you are worried about your toddler’s temperature at night time, you can always put them in thicker pajamas. Adding socks will also help keep your toddler warm while they are sleeping. Many products are available such as wearable blankets. You can find these in stores and online, and they are a blanket made into an outfit. They are usually heavy and thick and replicate what a blanket feels like. Wearable blankets are a great tool to keep your child warm because not only are they big and warm, but they will not come off! These wearable blankets you should always buy a size larger so that your child can feel comfortable and have room to wiggle around. Try not to buy the wearable blankets that have hoods on them because this is a sleeping hazard for small children. If the wearable blanket is too much for your toddler, wearing heavier pajamas and thick socks should do the trick to keep them warm.

6. Your toddler might just dislike how covers feel.

Some kids just do not like having a blanket on. Blankets might just make them uncomfortable and sweaty. If your child is complaining that they are hot at night with the blanket, try adjusting the temperature. At night time, it is best to turn your air conditioner down to give a cooler feeling in the house. If the house is colder, it will encourage your child to want to use the blanket. Keeping a fan on in the room can also help because it circulates air around the room. If the room still has air, it can make your child feel suffocated wearing a blanket at night. You can always start with light blankets and move up to heavier blankets. Starting with even a sheet might help since it is very thin and lightweight. If your child refuses to wear a blanket, there is no reason to force it. A toddler can understand when they are cold and hot, and they will ask for a blanket if they are cold enough. Forcing your toddler to wear a blanket is an unnecessary battle that you can avoid by just putting them in thicker pajamas.

There are many reasons why your toddler does not want to wear a blanket. Try out these different tips and find a solution.

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