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8 Tips for Taking Your Baby to Work


Taking Baby to Work Tips

They have said it over and over, that there’s no way that women can have it all; that having a baby and a successful career is only a dream. It turns out that these are merely opinions that have a minimal basis. The whole idea of “leave the room if you have to change a diaper” is only a hoax. Yes, you can have an incredible career and still experience your child’s milestones. If your maternity leave is about to end and you feel guilty about leaving your little one, you can consider taking your baby to work.

So, what does it take to remain productive in your workplace while looking after your child? All you need is preparation, support and strategy. Well, and probably a little guide on how to sail through like this one here.

Taking your baby to work will help you deal with most working moms’ companion- guilt. You will not feel like you are not giving enough effort into bringing up your child and you will not miss out on the essential milestones too.

Here’s how to ace this fantastic plan of having your baby in the office. For additional reading, check out our article on tips for taking a baby to a job interview.

1. Figure out your company’s policies

Self-employed moms do not have to check on the policies since it is their enterprise and they can set the rules. However, employed mothers ought to give this careful consideration. Understand the company’s policy with regards to taking your baby to work. If the policy does not allow, talk to your employer and see how you can work things out. Going to work with your baby unannounced is risky and it could lead to the loss of your job.

2. Involve your spouse

It is normal to feel like you have limited time with your little one. Take caution to avoid being over possessive about it because you might end up doing everything on your own yet your partner is willing to chip in. Let them know what you would like help with. For instance, you might be happy to take your baby to work interchangeably. That way, you can ease the tension and the child will feel the love of both parents.

3. Co-worker supervisor support

One of the factors that determine how successful taking baby to work will be is the support you receive from your supervisor and co-workers. You ought to assess this before deciding on taking your baby to the office. Interview them without necessarily revealing what your plan is. Once you are sure that they would not mind you taking your baby to work, you can ask them directly what they feel about your idea. Sometimes co-workers are not open to the thought but with time they warm up, and the transition is effortless.

4. Ask for help

You are not guaranteed that taking your baby to work will work out perfectly all-day and every day. So, you should find someone who will back you up when you are unavailable. Ask one of your co-workers to stand in for you when you cannot be with the baby because you are required to attend to an urgent matter in the office. Having a pre-organized arrangement ensures that you do not have downtime at work and that you get to keep your job to the end. Team effort is of the essence.

5. Carry all the essentials

Taking your baby to work will be much easier when you have the proper gear. Having a carrier is crucial as it will make it easier for you to carry your child around the office as you print documents or carry out other minor tasks. Depending on age, you might benefit from having some toys too. Consider the weather when packing your essentials. Imagine the worst-case scenario, such as what would happen if the air conditioner stopped working and you are in the middle of summer. Taking your baby outside in hot weather can be challenging.

Other essential items include:

6. When the baby sleeps, use the time wisely

Irrespective of whether your child is asleep or awake, you should work on being at your best within the work environment. When taking your baby to work, you should focus on using your time productively. You can group your tasks into those that require maximum attention and those that don’t. When your little one is sleeping, you can do the high-attention tasks and wind up the low-attention duties when your child is awake.

7. Make good use of the lunch break

Whether you are allowed to break for an hour or thirty minutes, how you utilize this time will help ease the tension of taking your baby to the office. If you haven’t had sufficient time to rest, this is your chance at napping without fear of judgment. You can also use this opportunity to unwind and play with your little one. In case you have not fed the child, this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

8. Understand that this is temporary

When the pressures of taking your baby to work catch up with you, remember that this is only a temporary arrangement. Soon, they will be ready for school, and you will not have to bring them daily. So, enjoy your priceless moments of taking your baby to the office while you still can.


Many new moms returning to work feel torn between their conflicting roles. You know that going to work is inevitable and so is caring for your child. If you are in a situation where you feel tormented by the idea of leaving your precious being because you value your professional achievements, then you shouldn’t. You can as well consider going to work with your baby.

A working mom understands that she is a good parent because of her job and not in spite of it. Research has it that a working mother who considers taking her baby to work is competent, content and socially connected. With all the perks that taking your baby to the office attracts, you have no reason to not have it all!

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