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10 Tips for Taking Baby to a Wedding

Bringing Baby to a Wedding Tips

Did you recently receive an invitation for a wedding? Will you be taking your baby to the wedding with you? If so, there’s likely a lot on your mind right now! You want to make sure that you keep your baby calm through the ceremony and reception, keep him or her well-fed, and try to disrupt their schedule as much as possible. And, of course, you want to make sure you are able to enjoy the wedding and celebrate with your friends or family.

Whether the wedding you are attending is down the street or across the country, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider if you’re taking your baby to a wedding.

1. Know What to Pack

Before leaving for the wedding, you will want to make sure you are equipped with all of the necessary supplies to make it through the night with your baby. Bringing everything you may need can help you avoid having to leave early or dealing with a potentially embarrassing situation. The list below can help you make sure that you have everything you’ll need.

Diaper Bag

You likely never leave home without your diaper bag, and you definitely will want to bring it along when you are taking a baby to a wedding. Make sure that you have extra diapers (more than you think you’ll need), plenty of wipes, and hand sanitizer in your bag.

Extra Clothes-For You and Baby

Accidents happen. And, with babies, accidents happen more frequently. Be sure to have a few changes of clothing for both your baby and yourself when you are taking your baby to a wedding. This will allow you to get right back to having a good time in the event of a diaper blow out or spit up.


If you use bottles to feed your baby, you will want to make sure to pack enough bottles to cover all the feedings your baby will need at the wedding. You probably won’t be able to easily wash bottles at the event, so it is important to pack enough clean ones.

Snacks and Water

If your baby has started solid foods, you will want to pack snacks for them. They may or may not be able to eat what is served during the reception, and will likely get hungry before food is served anyway. Throw a few snacks in the bag for yourself as well. They can help you keep your energy up to take care of your baby. Plus, if you’re breastfeeding, you may also need an extra snack.

Don’t forget to stick a few bottles of water in your bag. It is important to keep yourself and your baby hydrated.

Quiet Toys

When you are taking your baby to a wedding, you will also want to bring something to help keep your little one entertained. Toss a few toys into your bag that your baby likes. But, be sure to pick quiet toys. You don’t want to cause a distraction during the ceremony because of a loud baby toy.


If you use pacifiers, be sure to toss them into your bag as well. This will help you soothe your baby if they are overtired or overwhelmed by everything going on around them.

Stroller/Baby Carrier

A stroller or baby carrier can be a big help when you are taking your baby to a wedding. Between the ceremony and the reception, a wedding lasts for multiple hours. You are going to want to be able to put your baby down or wear them so you do not have to hold them for the entire time. A stroller or a carrier can also provide a good spot for your baby to take a nap during the wedding.


Bringing a light and soft blanket may also be a good idea. It can help your baby get cozy and comfortable, which could help them take a much-needed nap.

Noise Canceling Headphones

The music at a wedding reception can often get pretty loud. If you are taking a baby to a wedding, it is a good idea to also bring a pair of headphones. These can help protect your baby’s ears from music that is too loud and can also help provide them with a quieter environment for sleeping.

2. Get the Bride and Groom’s Blessing

Before taking your baby to a wedding, it is a good idea to check with the bride and groom to make sure they are ok with it. Unless your invitation specifically includes your baby, you’ll want to make a quick call. Some people prefer to have child-free weddings. If this is the case, you’ll need to make arrangements for someone to watch your baby or explain to your friend that you won’t be able to make it to their wedding without your baby.

3. Bring Another Adult with You

Bringing a friend or family member with you to the wedding can be a big help. It will give you another person who can help out with your baby. With two sets of hands, tasks like making a bottle, diaper changes, and carrying the diaper bag will be easier. Plus, you’ll each be able to enjoy a few baby-free moments to hop onto the dance floor or chat with a friend.

4. Make a Hotel Reservation Nearby

Unless the wedding is being held very close to your home, consider staying at a hotel after the reception. Wedding receptions often end very late, and you aren’t going to want to deal with a long drive home. Plus, it will already have been a very long day for your baby, so getting them down to bed as quickly as possible will be a good idea.

5. Make a Plan for Naps

Your baby’s normal schedule will likely be disrupted, but do your best to stick to some of your routines. Even if nap time ends up being off, try to help your baby take a nap during the ceremony or reception. If you have a stroller or baby carrier with you, it will provide a space for your baby to catch some zzzzz’s. Depending on how easily your baby falls asleep, you may need to excuse yourself for a few minutes and set outside or into a quieter room.

6. Wear Comfortable Shoes

You’ll likely be on your feet a little more than usual if you’re trying to keep your baby calm, so try to wear comfortable shoes. Save your high heels for another night when you’re able to go out without your baby.

7. Let the Bride and Groom Know That You May Need to Step Out or Leave Early

So it doesn’t appear that you are being rude and leaving early, find a way to let the bride and groom know that you may need to leave early if your baby gets too cranky. You may want to tell them towards the beginning of the reception, or you could give them a call a few days before the wedding.

8. Let Other Guests Help Out

If another guest offers to hold your baby, take them up on it (as long as you trust them and feel comfortable with them holding your baby). Give yourself a few baby-free minutes to hit the dance floor, say congratulations to the bride and groom, or use the bathroom.

9. Don’t Stress

Taking a baby to a wedding may seem like a very stressful thing, but it isn’t that bad. Try not to stress about it too much. Plus, if you are stressed out, your baby will pick up on it and will likely be fussier. Make a plan, be prepared, and relax. You’ll find that taking a baby to a wedding isn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

10. Have Fun!

Finally, have fun! Just because you are taking your baby to the wedding with you, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the night. Take your little one out for a spin on the dance floor, enjoy the delicious food and wedding cake, and find a way to relax and unwind.


Taking a baby to a wedding doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. However, it is important to be prepared and have realistic expectations about how the night will go. Your friend or family member will be excited that you were able to make it to their wedding, and they’ll be glad to see your baby enjoying him or herself as well.

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