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6 Tips for Taking Baby to Universal Studios


Taking Baby to Universal Studios Tips

It can be challenging to stay at home all the time after a baby is born. Parents need to able to get out of the house and enjoy the quality time together as a family. Theme parks are a great place to go for a bit of an adventure.

The idea of taking baby to Universal Studios may seem impossible at first, but with a bit of planning, it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Going to Universal Studios with your baby can be a pleasant experience for the whole family. Universal Studios has a great variety of entertainment for all ages.

Having a plan in place for taking baby to Universal Studios can help ensure that your baby’s first trip to Universal studios goes well. Preparation can make the difference between a grand adventure and a stressful day.

1. Know Where You are Going

Familiarize yourself with the park map ahead of time. Park maps are available online for Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. Locate the Guest Services, restrooms, nursing areas. Family restrooms and restrooms with changing tables can make it easier for care for the needs of a baby.

Nursing areas provide a secluded area for mom to nurse. Nursing areas tend to be quiet areas which can be beneficial when you need to soothe a tired or hungry baby. Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed, the nursing area can be a convenient place to care for your baby. Figure out which attractions you want to experience and use the map to plan where to care for your baby near each attraction.

2. Satisfy Hunger with a Healthy Snack

Taking baby to Universal Studios means that your baby will be away from home for several hours. Babies typically eat frequent, small amounts of food. Pack appropriate snacks or beverages for your baby. A hungry baby will quickly become a fussy baby. Avoid hunger-related crankiness by having snacks readily available.

Be sure to pack bottles, milk, formula, juice, pureed baby food, or other age-appropriate snacks to keep your baby feeling satisfied. Breastfed babies often nurse every two hours. Feeding your baby can take 20-30 minutes, so have a plan in place for when the baby starts to get hungry.

3. Pack Extra Clothes

As a parent, you know how quickly unexpected messes can happen. Spills, drool, vomit, and even poop can occur when you least expect it. Don’t let a mess ruin your day, head to the nearest baby changing station, and freshen up your bundle of joy. Bring at least one or two additional outfits for your baby.

Pack plenty of diapers and wipes for life messiest moments. Bibs and burp cloths can be critical to keeping clothes clean. If your baby wears shoes, pack an extra pair in case the first pair becomes wet or dirty. Bring a small baby blanket to cover your baby for warmth. Make sure your baby has dressed appropriately, not too cold or too hot.

4. Bring a Stroller or Baby Carrier

Exploring Universal Studios with your baby requires a great deal of walking. Taking baby to Universal Studios can be made simpler by bringing a baby carrier or stroller. You can either rent a stroller or bring your own. For young babies, bringing your stroller may be the best choice, especially if your stroller reclines.

Strollers provide your baby with a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Draping a baby blanket across the front of the stroller can help to keep your baby in the shade while he or she is resting. Some portable fans and umbrellas can clip onto a stroller which can help provide your baby with the ultimate in stroller comfort.

Most strollers also offer a spot for you to store a baby bag or backpack. Strollers can lighten your load considerably, which will enable you and your baby to be more comfortable throughout the day. Bringing a baby carrier in addition to a stroller can be especially helpful for soothing baby. Universal Studios is often busy; wearing your baby can help comfort your baby, so he or she doesn’t become overwhelmed. Strollers and babywearing are also useful methods for ensuring that other people don’t get too close to your baby.

While taking baby to Universal Studios, Keep in mind that babywearing for an extended period in hot weather may be uncomfortable for you and baby. Taking baby to Universal studios can be more comfortable by using a stroller or baby carrier.

5. Recognize When to Leave

When taking baby to Universal Studios, it can be helpful to go early in the day, when you and baby are well-rested. You know the difference between when your baby is a little fussy because he or she needs a nap or snack versus when your baby is entirely overtired and needs to be at home.

It’s important to recognize signs that your baby has had enough adventure for one day and leave before you become stressed. You know your baby well and understand your baby’s cues better than anyone. Your baby probably will be tired long before you are. An overtired and overwhelmed baby can quickly become challenging to console.

It’s best to remove your baby from any stressful or overwhelming environments when he or she is exhausted. It’s okay to arrive early and leave early. If you are unable to leave the park early because you are with a group, it may be helpful to seek out a quiet location (such as a nursing area) so that your baby can rest.

6. Pack Essential Items

Taking baby to Universal Studios can be entertaining and relaxing if you prepare for the day ahead. Universal Studios may get crowded, hot, or rainy. Having essential items on hand can make for a much more enjoyable day. Useful items to have when taking the baby to Universal Studios:

  • Hand sanitizer for you and for anyone who will be helping with baby care
  • Pacifier to soothe your baby (if your baby uses one)
  • Sunscreen to protect you and your baby from sun exposure
  • Umbrella, poncho, or stroller cover to keep you and baby dry if it rains
  • Portable mini-fan (especially one with mist) can help keep your baby comfortable
  • Camera to capture the precious memories of taking the baby to Universal Studios for the first time
  • Bag with a comfortable shoulder strap


With a little preparation, you can take the baby to Universal Studios and have fun.

Taking baby to Universal Studios is a great way to get out of the house, spend time together, and create memories. Going to Universal Studios may look different now that you have a baby, but it is certainly still enjoyable. Universal Studios is a family-friendly theme park. Universal Studios has accommodations in place to help new parents have the best possible experience.

You don’t have embarrassed if your baby cries or has an accident; there will be many other understanding families there with young children who can relate to what it’s like to be out with a baby. You will quickly be a pro at taking your baby to Universal Studios. With some planning and preparation, taking baby to Universal Studios will be a memorable experience.

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