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8 Tips for Taking Your Baby to the Movies


Tips for Taking Baby to the Movie Theater

One of the biggest struggles that new mothers face is getting out of the house with their child. Some won’t even consider taking baby to the movies because they fear it will be a distraction to others. Others stress about ways to help baby sleep during the movies. However, you don’t have to hole up in your house just because you have an infant.

You can see all those blockbuster movies and not worry about a sitter. Though baby’s first time at the movie theater might now be a breeze, you can be prepared to make them comfortable so you can enjoy the show.

1. Choose A Movie That Won’t Startle the Child

When taking baby to the movies, you need to make sure you choose a film that won’t startle them. Loud noises, like that of gunshots or bombs, can certainly put an infant on edge. If your child is screaming and crying throughout the whole show, you will be sitting outside rather than watching the movie. You want to ease them into the theater experience by starting with something that won’t have so much noise it causes their senses to go into overdrive.

You know your child better than anyone. Baby’s first time at the movie theater may not be a big issue for you at all. Some children could sleep through a hurricane and be unmoved. However, sometimes your baby won’t sleep whatsoever. So use your best judgment when selecting a film and pick something that is best for your child’s noise comfort level.

2. Choose Your Seats Carefully

There are hundreds of seats in the movie theater, but you want to make sure you choose your seat carefully. Never sit in the middle where you will need to crawl across ten people to get out to the restroom. Also, you don’t want to sit next to a bunch of rowdy teens either, especially if you might need to nurse.

The best seats are often the ones in the back or the ones closest to the door. Remember, you cannot predict how a child is going to react, so you want to be prepared for the unimaginable. Some updated theaters have a special spot reserved for parents with small children. These are usually near the exits and have boosters and other devices to make the movie experience more pleasurable. Taking baby to the movies is more comfortable when the theater makes accommodations for parents.

3. Choose A Less Crowded and Cheaper Matinee Show

Because this outing is baby’s first time at the movie theater, you may want to choose a less crowded matinee or daily showing. First, they are way less expensive than night shows, and they often have a smaller audience.

You should try taking baby to the movies when you are not paying a fortune for tickets. If they cannot sit through the show, then you can always leave knowing that you are not out a bunch of money. Don’t add to the cost of having a baby if you don’t have to.

4. Bring Plenty of Milk or Snacks

Depending on the age of your child, you need plenty of food for them. Taking baby to the movies should never be done without snacks and bottles. A breastfed baby typically eats every two hours or so. You need to wear the right shirt for feeding in public, especially if your baby is still hungry after breastfeeding.

If the child is bottle-fed, then you want to make sure you have a couple of bottles on demand. The venture from the house to the movie and back can easily be three or four hours in duration. If you don’t want baby’s first time at the movie theater to be filled with hunger pangs and screaming out of starvation, then bring along nourishment.

5. Pack for The Unthinkable

Babies are known to go through several outfits in a day. They can vomit, use the restroom and have all sorts of other issues. You need to pack a big bag for baby’s first time at the movie theater. You should include things like spit up rags, wet wipes, diapers, toys, and anything that might bring them comfort.

There are no such things as bringing too much when taking baby to the movies. Also, you may want to keep an extra outfit for you in the car just in case something happens.

6. Arrive Early

Taking baby to the movies for the first time is an adventure. To avoid problems with finding the best seats, and making sure baby is fed before the beginning of the show, try to arrive 15-20 minutes early. Baby’s first time at the movie theater will be better if you come prepared.

If you are going to a sold-out blockbuster, then you want to make sure that you allow plenty of time to get in and situated before the crowd come. You can’t just slip in with a baby and grab the first seats available. You need time and careful planning.

7. Bring Along Support Staff

If you want to get any enjoyment at all out of the show, then you may want to bring along some support “staff.” Taking baby to the movies without any help is a big undertaking.

If dad cannot come or your baby and dad aren’t bonding, then why not bring grandma or a friend to help carry all the stuff and help you should there be a meltdown at pivotal points. You will be thankful for the help if baby has a rough time at his first motion picture show.

8. Use A Theater That Does Kid Friendly Showings

If you are lucky enough to have one of those theaters that do kid-friendly showings, then it’s a great place to consider when taking baby to the movies. People are also more understanding during these sessions because they usually have children too. How do they make the movie more child-friendly? They simply:

  • Turn down the lights for effect, but not completely turn the lights of
  • Lower the volume of the movie to prevent scarring
  • Shorten preview times to help with short attention spans

Keep in mind these are going to be “kid friendly” G or PG-rated movies. They aren’t going to provide these features with sold-out shows for the adult crowd.


Don’t avoid going out of the house simply because you have a young child. You can learn to accommodate their needs and still have fun in the meantime. Remember, try a theater that is accommodating to children and has showings where there will be lighter crowds. With some careful planning, you can see the greatest movies and still have a baby in tow.


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