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6 Tips for Taking Baby to Tattoo Shop


Taking Baby to Tattoo Shop Tips

Motherhood changes women; even pink-haired badasses with tattoos. The fun part about the early stages of motherhood is you don’t always notice these changes or know when they might occur. Sometimes, you don’t even know they’re happening until you have hindsight on certain situations. Along the way, some Moms lose track of the woman they were before motherhood and anxiously work to recover parts of that life. But fear of leaving the house alone with a newborn or young baby is too overwhelming for some, which makes getting back to “normal” harder.

Thankfully, with some helpful tips from Moms who have done it and a bit of preparedness, you can take baby anywhere you want to go, you can even enjoy taking baby to tattoo shop with you to catch up with friends or get new ink. You just have to know how to prepare for it, so that you both are happy during the adventure.

You’re probably thinking, “I can’t take baby anywhere I want to go.” But that’s not true. Even if your thinking you’re going to try taking baby to the tattoo shop, you can. Keep reading to find out how.

So you want to try taking baby to tattoo shop with you, but you’re nursing or don’t have anyone to watch the baby? What do you do? If you take the right precautions and plan for it, you can easily undertake taking baby to tattoo shop and enjoy your time there too. Follow the taking baby to tattoo shop tips below to make your trip smooth and easy for both of you.

1. Consider Scheduling an Appointment During Nap Time

If your taking baby to tattoo shop because you have an appointment, the best time to schedule the appointment is during baby’s nap time. If baby is still in a carrier, you can carry them in and set them where you can see them during your appointment. If not in a carrier, bring a blanket or portable crib to ensure their in eyesight to give you peace of mind. If it’s your first visit time taking your baby to tattoo shop, it’s best to keep the time as short as possible. Doing this will give you enough time to see how the visit goes and to make adjustments in the future if needed.

2. Pack Toys for Entertainment

The next best tip is quiet entertainment. Plan to entertain with toys when taking baby to tattoo shop. Since the artist will be working, it’s best to choose toys that are quiet and won’t startle them or anyone else in the shop. Since you will be engaged with the tattoo artist, it’s also a good idea to bring toys that baby can play with independently.

3. Let the Artist Know Baby is Coming Too

There isn’t a reason you can’t enjoy taking baby to tattoo shop. You wouldn’t think twice about bringing your baby with you to the beauty shop, so the tattoo shop isn’t a big deal. Tattoo shops are sterile and in most areas inspected by the health department. So, just because it isn’t somewhere you often see Moms hanging out with their little kids, it doesn’t mean you can’t.

While there’s no specific risk in taking baby to tattoo shop, it’s a good idea to let your artist know you plan to bring baby with you. Letting the artist know ahead of time that you aren’t coming alone allows them to pick a time in the day that isn’t as busy as other parts of the day, which means it will be quieter.

For instance, if there is a time of day that the shop usually gets walk-ins or there’s some type of work going on at the establishment, it probably wouldn’t be a great time for you to hang out at the shop with the baby. It also gives them a heads up, so they aren’t caught off guard. Chances are your tattoo artist is fine with you bringing baby, but they’ll probably appreciate the heads up, so they can pick music that is better suited for baby and won’t be distracted by the unexpected visitor.

4. Bring a Friend for Support

Whether your a tattoo veteran or getting inked for the first time, probably to celebrate your new role as Mom to a pretty awesome kid, if you’re taking baby to tattoo shop with you, it’s a good idea to bring a friend for support. Not only can they talk to you to keep your mind off the process, but they can keep an extra eye on baby, so you don’t have to take as many breaks.

If your little one ends up upset during your appointment, your friend can jump in and take care of baby so you can finish your tattoo too. Chances are there’s other staff at the shop that wouldn’t mind helping with baby during your appointment, but you shouldn’t assure this before arriving.

5. Stop in the Shop Before Your Appointment

If you have a chance to pop in before taking baby to tattoo shop during your appointment, you should. It’ll give you a good idea of what the layout in the shop is like. Since pregnant Moms don’t get tattoos, you probably haven’t been there in awhile, so it’s a good idea to make sure you take into account any changes there have been.

For instance, you might remember a couch in the tattoo area that you’ll use for baby to take a nap, but what if the couch is gone when you arrive? Make sure to see what furniture is available and if there’s a place for baby to sleep or play quietly that will be in your direct eyeline. By stopping in beforehand, you’re setting yourself up to be better prepared, which means you’ll raise your confidence as well and increase your chances of having a better adventure.

6. Pack Snacks and a Change of Clothes

Babies get hungry and accidents happen. Whether your taking baby to tattoo shop or taking a trip to the local zoo, you have to plan for the unexpected. To ensure you get the most out of your visit to the tattoo shop, it’s important to pack for the unexpected.

It might only be a one or two hour appointment, but it’s also a chance for you to get out of the house. Get a little bit of yourself back and learn how to manage life with a young child. By stocking the diaper bag with snacks, extra toys, and a change of clothes, you’ll ensure that you can enjoy your time while managing any accidents or hungry-fueled temper tantrums that might otherwise cut your visit short.


Don’t let being a new Mom or Mom to a young baby put your life on hold. Taking baby to tattoo shop is just one of many things a Mom can do to build her confidence and practice her awesome management and planning skills. The key to enjoying the day successfully is careful planning. Once you’ve got that under control, you can do anything. It’s important to remember, even if the first time you try taking baby to the tattoo shop fails, you can always try again. Don’t consider missteps as failures, but ways to perfect your next adventure.